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This completely crossed out indie nugget that you probably missed

This completely crossed out indie nugget that you probably missed

For more than 20 years, the God Games have followed one another and they are not the same. Populous, Black and white 1 and 2, Reus, University, From Dust, titles that have marked the genre and inspired a large number of newcomers. Among them, we find a new nugget launched last week in Steam.

a god game with great ideas

Steam hosts thousands of games every year. In 2020, 10,263 games were released on the Valve platform. Every week, an uplifting number of games keep popping up, sometimes without the knowledge of potentially interested gamers. Among the nuggets released last week on Steam, we find in particular Worldbox, an independent game where you play as God. As in the Bible, you must first create your world. You don’t need seven days this time, you will be a hair faster than the divine entity of Christians.

Within WorldboxOnce your world is created, you must destroy it. Entirely. From A to Z. Each parcel of land. Every living being. Everything must be reduced to ashes. To help you in this pleasant task, you can rely on the various powers at your disposal. It is up to you to explore your limits, whether you prefer to see your little selves develop on their own before exterminating themselves as adults through fast-paced world wars. If peace reigns supreme, give them a boost with weather, geological or other disasters.

A constantly evolving world that still needs your help to evolve in any situation. Animals will still need food to survive when the greediest kings try to expand their territories by all means. Four races can be played in WorldBox: Humans, Orcs, Elves, and Dwarves. Each race has its own unique racial design and characteristics. It is up to you to see how civilizations spread and crush others, or take sides and help a country in need. An early access game that will become “the ultimate god simulation.” At the end of this early access, the developers want to add a religion system, more powers, more creatures, improve civilizations, wars and diplomacy.

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Worldbox was released on December 2, 2021 on Steam for € 16.79, right there.