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This day: DeGrom is dazzling at the playoff debut at Platform Mets Off

October 9th was a good day in Mets’ recent playoff history with several memorable moments: Jacob DeGromWith the 2015 playoff debut Todd Pratt I sent Mets to the NLCS in 1999.

Deglomination begins

Mets’ right-handed Jacob DeGrom finished a great season in 2015, scoring 2.54 ERA, a WHIP of less than 1.00, and 205 strikeouts in 191 innings. This allowed DeGrom to begin playing against the NLDS Dodgers in the Mets’ first playoff game since 2006.

future Cy young The winner was nothing but spectacular with seven shutout innings.He tied up Tom seaverThe post-season strikeout record was 13, and he walked only one batter.

DeGrom was at another level in speed in Los Angeles that night, with his fastballs averaging just under 96 mph during the regular season, but threw 17 fastballs in the first inning, all at least at least It was 97 miles.

After the game, Degrom will surprise his teammates Daniel Murphy Along Lower his chair And start one of the interesting moments in the recent history of Mets.

Murphy started scoring with four home runs in Mets 3-1 David Wright Knocked in twice with the Seven Inning Single.

Pratt becomes an unlikely hero

Hall of Fame Catcher Mike Piazza He was sent off from NLDS Game 3 against Diamondbacks in 1999 and in Game 4 due to his swollen thumb. His successor, Todd Pratt, provided dramatics in Game 4 and sent Mets to the National League Championship series.

Pratt was 0-4 in the game when he started fighting right-handed relief Matt Mantei 1 goal in the bottom of the 10th inning.Backup catcher hit the ball in the center field Steve finley I wanted to make sure I caught it, but when I jumped and shorted, I hit a wall and the ball crossed the fence and beat Mets 4-3.

Todd had only one hit in the series, but he counted it.