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This Google change is affecting many users;  you should know

This Google change is affecting many users; you should know

On May 30, 2022, Google plans a major change that should better protect users. Change.

Google announced a change that

from May 30, 2022

is entered, which should contribute to safety. From now on, namely

no third-party apps or devices

are no longer supported, where all you have to do is enter your username and password to sign in to a Google account. On the other hand the

Two Factor Authentication

used to sign in to the Google account. The corresponding notice

this Google support site
has “cachy blog”


Google justified the change by saying that user security should be increased. Specifically, Google’s support site says:

“If an app or website doesn’t meet our security standards, Google blocks all attempts to sign in to your account. Less secure apps make it easier for hackers to access your account. Therefore, blocking these attempts login, we protect your account.”

There is also an important note on the Google page for Apple device users. Google notes:

“Users who recently signed in to their Google Account using something other than their username and password will only be able to make new sign-in attempts using their Google Account type starting February 28, 2022. Existing users will have until May 30 to sign in to their Google account in 2022 with their username and password.”

These users are affected by the change.

Affected by the change, as of May 30, are users who have not yet activated two-factor authentication to sign in to their Google account. If this is on, apps and devices can’t just sign in to a Google account by entering the Google username and password anyway. the corresponding

Setting “Access by less secure applications”
is then disabled by Google by default.

How to enable two-factor authentication for your Google account

Like all other online service providers, Google encourages users to activate two-factor authentication for their Google account anyway. can you open this

this google account page
under “Sign in to Google” and turn on “2-Step Verification”.