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This graphic artist draws a Filipino icon as an MMORPG character – Manila Bulletin

This graphic artist draws a Filipino icon as an MMORPG character – Manila Bulletin

Legendary true league

Online games were part of the daily lives of many Filipinos even before the pandemic. However, during community quarantine, various forms of online platforms, such as digital entertainment, redefined the meaning of connecting. Apart from the bonds that are tied, these are also inspirations for Filipino creatives to design and empower their own characters.

That’s a graphic artist Run Carmona did.He conveyed the aesthetics of mobile games League of Legends In his artwork to create an avatar inspired by the Filipino champion: Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, Legend of billiards Efren “Bata” Reyes, Chess master Eugene Torres, And Maestro Juan Luna..

“game Mobile Legends Released a character based on Senator Manny Pacquiao. I thought there were still more incredible Filipinos worthy of having a great character.So I immediately continued designing, “says the 29-year-old. Manila Bulletin Lifestyle.. “I chose them based on their achievements on the world stage by representing our country.”

According to Ran, it took about 3 hours to conceptualize the character and about 5 hours to draw on the iPad. He states that choosing a Filipino icon that wants to pay homage to his artwork is an important part of the process.

“I thought about Pacquiao (obviously) and Efren Reyes because we all know how much they achieved at each level. I also think of our first chess grand. I chose the great Eugene Torre, the master, and then added Catriona Gray by winning the Miss Universe title and moving a “slow motion turn” with that signature, “he says. .. “Initially, I wanted to draw a duo with her and Mizu. Pier Ulzbach But it takes a lot of time to do that. So I thought I had to do Part 2. Finally, I would like to go to an old school and pay tribute to Juan Luna, the maestro. As an artist, he is the first person to represent our country on the world stage. “

With the promise of Part 2, we can expect people to see more Filipino-themed character art in the future. “That’s basically what I like,” he says. “I love making artwork that represents our culture, our people, and our history.”

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Check out more of Ran’s artwork on Facebook and Instagram @ artsofran.

The image is from Art of Run Facebook Page..

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