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This is how a 32-hour week can work in a startup

Ryzon CEO Mario Konrad (left) underestimated the amount of work and restructuring that goes into introducing a 32-hour week.
mario konrad

Eight, nine, or even ten-hour workdays: Mario Konrad doesn’t think much of it. He is CEO of the Cologne company and sports brand Ryzon. For him, the result after a day’s work is more important than the number of hours worked at the end of the day. Also because he believes that the time in which you can work in a concentrated way is reduced to a few hours a day. That is why Konrad decided a year ago to introduce a 32-hour week in his company. However, new challenges have arisen that the founder did not expect, he says in the Gr├╝nderszene interview.

Konrad co-founded the sports brand Ryzon in 2016 his brother Markus and Fabian Jung. The startup makes sportswear. First for triathletes, now especially for cyclists. The founding trio has yet to raise venture capital. According to his own statements, Ryzon achieved a million-dollar billing in the mid-single digits with the sale of his sportswear last year. The startup also employs about 50 people.

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