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This is how mobile phone operators skip the new notice periods


According to a media report, some mobile phone providers are not adhering to the new termination rules. The companies justified themselves with conversion problems.

The law no longer allows the automatic extension of mobile phone contracts after the minimum term for another two years. hold on though according to a report in the Süddeutsche Zeitung Not all mobile operators care. It is said that some clients do not always get out of their contracts immediately.

Specifically, the newspaper had learned of a client of the provider Mobilcom-Debitel, whose contracts were automatically extended for another year once the minimum period of two years had expired. Mobilcom-Debitel informed the client that “existing contracts are excluded from the new regulation”, which is not correct. Only after threatening legal action did the mobile operator terminate the contracts.

According to SZ, similar cases have been confirmed by consumer advice centers in several federal states. Provider 1&1 had to file a cease and desist statement at the request of consumer advocates. In it, the company declares its willingness to “pay the contractual sanctions in case of recidivism in the infractions”.

Improvement in customer service

Companies blamed conversion problems in introducing the new regulations for the hassle, it is said. In the new workflows, errors in customer service could have occurred in individual cases, 1&1 said on request. Mobilcom-Debitel also said it wanted to improve customer service again.

As of December 1, 2021 it was The new Telecommunications Law entered into force. with a month notice period Since then, mobile phone contracts can also be terminated prematurely (but only after the minimum contract period of 24 months has expired). This also applies retrospectively to existing contracts.

Typically, the minimum contract term for mobile phone contracts is 24 months. At the same time, suppliers cannot enter into any contract that exceeds a minimum term of 24 months.

Many providers have clauses in their contracts that automatically extend them for another year if not timely termination occurs Clients are tied to the provider for another year, for example, because they missed a three-month notice period. That is now obsolete.

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