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This is how your WhatsApp can be hacked


Although the platform instant messaging WhatsApp enjoy some security mechanisms to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your account in this popular application that is the most used of its kind in the world, there are still some dangers that cyber criminals gain access to your chats or send messages to your contacts pretending to be you, with all the risks that this entails.

For you to try to safeguard your personal information Like those of your contacts, be they family or friends, the best thing is that you know the key points where you have to pay attention and avoid making the mistakes that cause these unauthorized interferences by third parties, these being the most frequent ways:

Through WhatsApp Web. The most obvious slip up, and one of the easiest ways for someone to gain access to your chats, is a basic mistake users of this version make to computers.

When used on a public computer, a work center computer, or someone else’s computer, it is common that when you finish using the platform from whatsapp web users are limited to closing the browser window where the portal is located, but without logging out, so that anyone who later enters the site will find all your conversations within arm’s reach, like the information of your contacts and the messages you have with them.

Your chat history. When your smartphone is lost or stolen and they have access to your apps, they may export your record and the archive is sent by mail electronic to the recipient who will use your information.

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Although it is necessary for the person to have access to your device in person, with a momentary oversight in which you give them that opportunity, it will be enough for them to carry out the operation behind your back and then take advantage of that situation.

Backups. It is well known that the WhatsApp company performs regular backups, which you can upload to the cloud for storage via google drive, which makes you forget part of the inconveniences of changing your cell phone by automatically charging your account and also migrating all the information, but if a hacker manages to enter your Drive, all that data will be at their mercy if they remain unencrypted .

Malware-infected files. This strategy followed by hackers consists of sending digital files infected with malicious software that, upon receiving it on your cell phone and executing the hidden program in a media file can hijack your cell phone.

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The file in question can be used to monitor your conversations or to carry out a scam against you, which you can avoid if you disable the automatic download function of these documents and only accept those that seem reliable from your contacts.

New risks. We are not safe from the discovery of a vulnerability to access your chats through errors in the digital platform found by users. pirates computer scientists and is exploited to get more victims whose conversations are exposed and with this they can misuse the data they can obtain from there.

To avoid being caught off guard, what you should do is have all your applications updated, especially your WhatsApp with the most recent version that you find in the store of you smartphone.

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