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This is my favorite game in 2020


The game connects people. It is one of the purest aspects of the media. It’s a constant invitation to get in, step into the magic ring, and be ridiculous to others. (Or serious or serious stupidity. Play is a lot for many.) Even when working on a single-player game, stereotyped players are trapped in a room and scrape icons from the open world. On the surface, it’s a lonely experience. Geographical Roomba-like maps — the desire to handle the hobbies we love and discuss games that have happily colonized our time and mind remains. We can recognize the dangers and pitfalls of “game discourse” addressing the issues of employee rights, toxic masculinity, lack of concentration and savage social media anger, but more sublime than digging into this world. I admit that there is little joy. I talked with others about digital art that made me feel something deep and deep. (Or, it’s just stupid and fun. Again, play is play.)

That’s why, like us Every year, AV clubThe game crew has been handing reins to readers for a short while.While we love to talk Games we like To Half of both From the big budget prestige release in 2020 to mobile entertainment, we’re just as excited to hear about the game. You are I like this wild and playful year. This is an excerpt from the keyboard geniuses who participated in last week’s favorite Game of the Year feature, “Games You Liked in 2020.”

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First: Here is Amalthea Elanor, FINAL FANTASY VII Remake:

I said half a year ago but I liked it FINAL FANTASY VII Remake It’s now accessible to beginners like me. The original game is highly respected in the game culture and I missed the boat quite a bit when playing for the first time. When I entered with little knowledge (I knew Sephiroth would kill Aeris, but that’s it), there were a lot of references around me (because I didn’t notice too much). It turns out that it wasn’t. Anyway it hinders my enjoyment of the game. The exact opposite: it has great production value and a really great combat system (what I generally don’t like in JRPGs). And I haven’t had the same attachment to the characters for over 20 years, but thanks to the great writing and performance, I realized I’m still with them. Moreover, knowing is a kind of fun.For the first time forever, I finally became one of the “get it” fans FINAL FANTASY VII..

Same as above erakbgg, nodded again Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout:

I loved FINAL FANTASY VII: Remake Change my mind about real-time combat in FF games. I usually don’t like fighting in a 3D environment, FFVII: RA mix of real-time battles and pauses from some good old days FF The menu is beautifully implemented.I enjoyed it so much i played double back FFXII For the first time.

I love Fall Guys You can’t stay angry with it for a long time because it’s so fast and brilliantly stupid. I don’t have the attention to play the game continuously for hours. Ironically Fall GuysThe “quick mini-game and” one more “attitude gave me more than four hours of sessions. Thank god My wife likes the soundtrack. Otherwise she would have been angry.

Some users have agreed to our choice Hades As one of the best of the year, including Evan Waters:

Damn it is Hades Great. This is the best feedback loop I’ve ever seen. You’ll be rewarded for going out, destroying things, and eventually dying, with cool stories, decent character interactions, and concrete improvements in abilities and new options. You can get some results at home on a bad run, but a good run feels really good and keeps getting a little better.

Meanwhile, Liebkartoffel praised the highly customizable difficulty of the game.

HadesGod mode was a lifesaver for someone with a dumb finger like me, and it was the first time I played that I wasn’t completely frustrated or bored after the first few hours. It was a roguelike game. I’m really grateful to experience the gameplay, story and aesthetics like everyone else, but I didn’t feel like I was fooled by my skill level.Defeat Hades, then defeat Hades-Even if I could reduce the damage to 40%, it was a very rewarding experience.

And needle.hacksaw talked about the focus of the story:

Since then, both as super giant lovers Bastion And find a roguelike game-if you’re looking for a short, focused session that feels meaningful every time you reach it, it seems like an almost perfect genre, it’s no wonder Hades This is my game of the year. After defeating the world’s bosses for the first time, I stopped playing. There are other roguelike games I’ve played more. At times, I’m even dissatisfied with the fact that my will wasn’t strong enough to put it aside.I think it’s focused on the story Hades I was satisfied with the “ending” that was really welcome. It’s really the culmination of everything Supergiant is doing well.

Game coverage enthusiast Merve has provided some great indie picks.

Liked Timely It surprised me with its wisdom. Blush at first, Timely Looks like a pretty rotten stealth puzzle game. But as it adds mechanism and complexity, it reveals hidden depth. And it pulls a twist, so I’m still surprisingly smart enough to get it out of my head. This completely re-contexts the previous puzzles in the game.I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s equivalent to discovering “portal paint” in Portal 2.. Timely Is Urnique Studio’s debut game, and now I’m paying attention to everything they put out in the future.

Liked Golf with friends Because I was able to play golf with my friends. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. GWYF is a more sophisticated and junky experience. Cyberpunk 2077, But when you’re playing with your friends, it’s sublime. It turns into a goofy party game that bends and breaks the laws of physics. And who didn’t want to hit physics with that stupid, ugly face?

Liked Necrobarista Because it unraveled the mystery by making death more mysterious. It sounds inconsistent, so let me explain. Necrobarista It’s about a magical realist coffee shop that goes before the dead cross over to the other side. The barista acts as a psychopump, providing words of wisdom and hot coffee before leading the dead to the post-mortem world. What are you waiting for them there? The game has no answer. But by accepting the fact that death is ultimately unknown Necrobarista Helps unravel complex emotions about it.

While Robottowa was fiercely puzzled by the game it was Can be easily included in the mid-year list:

The game that made my year the most clear Last of Us Part II..original Last of us This was one of my favorite games and was like a swan song in relation to video games. This was the last AAA game I played before my life was too busy to play the game.I was incredibly skeptical when I heard that a sequel was being made: the first ending Last of us I thought it was perfect and there were too many sequels. But it wasn’t. Part II It’s a masterpiece. Sure, in its vast nature, its storytelling hits some obstacles more than its predecessor, but the game’s ambitions are rewarded more often than not. Even the aspects of the game that I didn’t like in the end, a twist in the middle of the game, had a huge impact on me. All characters in the game are affectionate, complex and easy to understand. Much of the game is spent hoping that people will make the right choices. It won the final dramatic showdown, and the mining relationships built in the course of both games really create a sobbing catharsis. It’s also great as a game. Graphically, I can’t think of anything comparable to it, and all its systems work great to put you in the position of its protagonist. There are also many memorable places and set pieces such as broadcasters, the first time you meet Scars, hospitals (both when you go there), snipers, Sky Bridges, villages and more. There are many things I love in this game. Even the shallow, fluttering discourse that surrounds it hasn’t ruined me.

Finally, Hank_Dolworth provided ardent protection against the free play phenomenon. Genshin Impact:

Am i the first person to put Genshin Impact On this list? I’ve been playing a fair share of f2p games for years. give There are still spinning “banners” for the character for a limited time, but they will be connected to the same one Zelda-Clone like any other character. The important thing is that to level these characters, you need to smash the same amount of boss battles and collectibles as any other character. There is no ability to optimize your character through in-app purchases beyond the banner / draw mechanic itself. Honestly, give Feels more like a “real game” the Avengers The game I paid is $ 30, and microtransactions are built into so many aspects of the game’s service model. I haven’t put any real money into the title yet … but I think it’s better to support a game that is said to have made some money in the first few weeks. This is a game to play on the PS5 while waiting for most “real” 2020 games to get the next generation of paint.

Perfolas is back in the backlog of some great games over the last few years of spending the day in the sun in 2020:

Watch dogs 2.. Yes, I will cheat.It’s not London, San Francisco. London is still too expensive.But Watch dogs 2 It ’s really amazing. It’s a stupid plot everywhere, abandoning the original harsh vigilance thriller tone, and fighting the more pointless and fun hipster adventure comedy and the evil companies where self-righteous pseudo-ethical hackers try to do the same exactly. Make them as. But it’s a lot of fun. A powerful escapism that cuts through the city with parkour and omnipotent magical hacking. A sense of lightness and freedom in a normal, traditional everyday setting. With a touch of real-life tourism and a true love for San Francisco’s history, culture and landmarks.I am confident of 2020 watch dogs I think London is a more boring city, just as good, but not the one I played in 2020.

If you want to read more about your thoughts on the best games of 2020, and you really should. There’s a lot of gold that can’t be included here without inflating this feature until 2021, so the comments section Our official list.. (And if you like it, make a noise here!) Have a happy game, everyone, and a great 2021.

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