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This is why Fortnite won't run on gaming handheld

This is why Fortnite won’t run on gaming handheld

from claus ludewig
As developer Epic Games has announced, the popular shooter game Fortnite will not run on the Steam Deck.

For just $419 and up, you can play PC games from the Steam library with the Steam Deck Gaming Handheld. Manufacturer Valve assumes that “devices can be sold in the millions” and that the project is financed through sales of digital games on Steam. Not all PC games available on Steam will run on your handheld, as we previously reported. Now it’s clear that even the world’s favorite shooter Fortnite is not compatible with Steam Deck is, as Tim Sweeney of developer Epic Games announced.

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Epic Games is not confident that the Steam Deck Linux distribution can actually crack down on cheaters. According to Sweeney, the handheld version of Linux would first have to fully support Easy-Anti Cheat before he could talk about game compatibility. As a games-as-a-service or live-service game title, Fortnite has a large number of active players. Fortnite has been available on Epic Games since 2017 and in addition to the Battle Royale mode, there is also the Save the World game mode. The Save the World game mode is only available to paying Fortnite users and is not free. In addition to the actual game, there are always cultural events within Fortnite. The non-violent Party Royale mode has been available for some time. Developer Epic Games wants to continue promoting Fortnite and make sure the 350 million active users Log in to Battle Royale Shooter. Fortnite is primarily funded by the sale of in-game content through V-Bucks, which can be purchased for real money.

With Easy Anti-Cheat software, some developers want to protect their games from cheaters. The program runs in the background all the time when you play a corresponding online multiplayer game. Apex Legends, Fortnite, Gears 5, iRacing, and many other titles currently use the program. Valve recently announced that the Steam Deck will also support Easy Anti-Cheat.

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Vapor Deck Collection:

  • According to Tim Sweeney of Epic Games, Fortnite will not be compatible with the Steam Deck. The device manufacturer, Valve, must first ensure that Easy-Anti Cheat is fully compatible with the gaming handheld.
  • Epic Games does not believe that Valve can take effective action against cheaters and is therefore blocking the shooter from being released for the Steam Deck.
  • Steam Deck will be delivered to pre-orders starting at the end of February. Prices start at 419 euros.

Source: Twitter