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This superior feature will be adjusted with iOS 16.1

This superior feature will be adjusted with iOS 16.1

It’s the most hyped innovation in the iPhone 14 Pro, but apparently it’s still not quite perfect. Apple is planning changes to the so-called “Dynamic Island”.

Probably the most prominent innovation of the iPhone 14 Pro bears the prosaic name “Dynamic Island”. This is the pill-shaped hole in the screen that houses the selfie camera lens and Face ID technology. At the same time, this area is the starting point for a new and intelligent notification system.

Apparently this area is not clearly visible in all conditions; that’s why Apple is making changes with the upcoming iOS 16.1 update. This is reported by the IT portal “MacRumors”, which noted the innovations in the beta version of iOS 16.1.

Until now, the black area of ​​the “Dynamic Island” hardly stands out from very dark wallpapers. The problem also occurs when dark mode is activated on the iPhone.

To address this, the “Dynamic Island” will be framed by a thin, gray frame under certain conditions, to make it clear which area the new message feature extends over.

A gray frame should solve the problem.

The specific size depends on the usage scenario: if the “Dynamic Island” is not currently active, it is just a narrow black pill-shaped area on the screen, as you can see in the image above.