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ThisIsWin11 für Windows 11: Das Optimierungstool fusioniert mit TweakUIX

ThisIsWin11 for Windows 11: Optimization Tool Merges with TweakUIX

In addition to the feature set expected from such a program, the ThisIsWin11 optimization tool provides a virtual tour of Windows 11 and explains the features of the operating system. In the new version 1.2.220, the open source application is also merged with the TweakUIX system configuration tool.

Combine ThisIsWin11 and TweakUIX

At the basic scope of thisIsWin11 app from open source developers Belim (GitHub) includes, among other things, a wide variety of “tweaks” with which, among other things, the many pre-installed, so-called “built-in” applications can be completely removed, Microsoft OneDrive can be silenced, and telemetry data from both Windows and from third parties can be completely disabled.

ThisIsWin11 – surface (image: maker)

In addition to the already familiar modules, which offer task automation and quick access to switches and options hidden deep within the system using PowerUI, the TweakUIX system configuration tool, which came from the same pen, is now ported to ThisIsWin11 as well.

The system tool receives product maintenance.

The official release notes list improved modules plus minor optimizations and bug fixes. This includes, for example, OpenTweaks. A bit ironically, the developer also promises access to the “more usefulWindows 11 new feature: desktop stickers from build 22621.

  • Added new taskbar and start menu, desktop and My Computer trees to the customization module, aka OpenTweaks (these areas are dedicated to the original PowerToys TweakUI)
  • Improved OpenTweaks module
  • Added option to enable the most useful feature of Windows 11 (#IronyOff), called “Desktop Stickers” for OpenTweaks
  • I added my experimental TweakUI mirror app, called TweakUIX to the ThisIsWin11 package
  • Minor fixes

ThisIsWin11 v1.2.220 – Release Notes

Thanks to the integration or merger with TweakUIX, users have access to all the tweaks that are also included in the separately available app. TweakUIX’s range of functions and operating concept are based on TweakUI, which was part of the collection of tools first released with Windows 95 and later also with Windows XP. PowerToys acted back

Classic design from the days of Windows 95

TweakUIX is based on the original TweakUI GUI and deliberately eschews modern UX design approaches such as fluid design, the Windows transparency effect, or modern UWP app design.

Download at Computer Base

As usual, ThisIsWin11 v1.2.220 can be downloaded directly below this post from the ComputerBase download area.

Microsoft itself has now also released the PowerToys, which ComputerBase reported over 20 years ago, for Windows 11 and Windows 10. However, TweakUI is no longer part of the suite. Microsoft PowerToys are also available in the download area and have a link below this message.


  • PowerToys

    4.5 stars

    With the PowerToys, Microsoft revived the collection of familiar Windows 95 system tools.

  • ThisIsWin11

    3.2 stars

    ThisIsWin11 introduces some Windows 11 features, including quick access to settings.

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