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Thousands of identity cards are for sale online

Thousands of identity cards are for sale online

17GB of data containing photos of the identity cards of thousands of Vietnamese is selling for $ 9,000 on hacker forums.

This data is published by member Ox 1337xO in a forum specializing in buying and selling hacker data starting May 13. In the article, this person claims to possess a large amount of KYC (Know Your Customer) data – data to verify user information.

These 17GB include ID card photo, citizen ID (front, back), selfie photo / video, address, phone number and email. In particular, a single file with a capacity of 1.4 GB contains information of 3.6 thousand people.

To test the “quality” of the content, this person shared a series of screenshots, including some Vietnamese documents, house registration books, and agreed to buy and sell through an intermediary if the person bought in doubt. The above data is for sale for $ 9,000 (VND 207 million) and is paid for in Bitcoin or Litecoin cryptocurrencies.

A security expert said he contacted the vendor and revealed that the amount of data equates to the information of 8 to 10,000 Vietnamese.

It is not clear how this data was exposed. “If they leak from an organization, this is a serious matter and must be investigated early to prevent it,” said this expert.

Some of the photos of Vietnamese citizens and identity cards are for sale.

According to security experts, the citizen identity card (CCCD) is one of the important data of users, since it has an identification number, identification, date of birth and address.

“If the bad guys get this data, they can use it to register online accounts, telecom accounts, loan accounts in financial institutions that have a lax process, exposing users to many problems. Problems later,” said Pham Tien Manh, a security expert. working in Hanoi.

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According to Vo Do Thang, director of Athena Cyber ​​Security Center, in this case, users cannot do more to protect their personal information. The responsibility lies with the companies that have the data that the user has provided.

Before that, a lot of Vietnamese data, such as information Facebook, information website account it was for sale or shared for free on hacker forums.

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