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Three good reasons: Why you should turn off your smartphone at night


Many smartphones run continuously and only turn off when the battery is empty. In fact, for the life of the phone and its users, it is worth regularly turning off the phone before going to bed. Next, we reveal what other reasons speak of this.

1. Extend cell phone life

Most people don’t use their cell phones at night and leave them on the nightstand while they sleep, either on standby or with the charger.

Charging times that are too long, for example overnight, damage lithium-ion batteries and reduce their capacity. And even if the smartphone is not connected to the charger, but is lying on the nightstand in idle mode, it still consumes electricity. This happens due to apps running in the background or because the phone is constantly connected to the cell tower. The result: the mobile phone needs to be charged more often.

However, many smartphones have one certain number of charge cycles they can withstand before battery performance drops noticeably. This means: if you charge your mobile phone overnight for too long, the battery will be damaged; do not charge your phone at night, it still loses power and needs to be charged.

It is better to simply turn off the cell phone to save battery and thus extend the life of the smartphone.

2. Fix bugs and issues

To prolong the life of your mobile phone, it is recommended to turn it off at night.
To prolong the life of your mobile phone, it is recommended to turn it off at night.

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If the cell phone hangs or an app freezes, it helps to restart the phone again. Because this leads to what is called soft reset and the operating system will shut down completely. Running programs are closed, WLAN and SIM connections are established and the main memory is also cleaned.

Minor bugs or other complications with functionality can be fixed in many cases.

3. More restful sleep

The mobile phone is on 24 hours a day, we receive messages, emails and calls constantly. Lots of people complain about that. difficult to focus.

A student at the Hamburg International School of Management showed in his thesisthat mindful smartphone breaks have a positive effect on our mental recovery. Regular downtime reduces the need for cell phones and makes it easier to focus on work or relax.

Therefore, instead of using Instagram, WhatsApp & Co. before going to bed, we recommend simply turning off the smartphone and reading a book or listening to an audiobook, for example.

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