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Ticket To Ride Europe turns 15


To celebrate 15 years of Ticket to ride Europe a limited edition deluxe collector’s version is released.

This maxi version is excellent not only in materials but also in content.says Alan R. Moon, creator of the game. New cars, new seasons, and new graphics make the game beautiful to watch on the tabletop. I hope you enjoy another 15 years of fun.

The deluxe version offers new destinations to reach, is embellished with new artwork, and is expanded with all destination tickets released to date. Also, the highlight of the deluxe version is a giant map of European rail routes, 5 tin boxes with 45 carriages and 15 colorful train stations.


The game was originally called Station to station. Its creator, Alan R. Moon, was a fan of maps and games from a very young age, with a special predilection for risk. The turning point was in ’97, when Moon completed it. land of the elves, a game inspired by the fantastical atmospheres of Tolkien, which surprisingly became the most awarded game in Europe the following year (first prize at the Spiel des Jahres, the European Oscar for board games).

the inspiration for ticket to travel he arrives one afternoon, during one of his usual walks by the sea at sunset, a stone’s throw from his house near Boston, when he sees in the distance a train that is lost on the horizon. Precisely the trains, the railways and the departure and arrival stations can become, Moon thought, the elements through which the players can challenge each other and achieve their victory. Once at home, Moon picks up an old black and white map of the United States and in a few minutes conceives the mechanism of the game: from the station cards in his hand, each player must build his railway by connecting them to each other. Yes. and at the same time, you must try to do it before your opponents.

The first ticket to travel is played on a US map. But it is the following year with the publication of Ticket for Ride Europe that the game instantly becomes a bestseller.


Since then there have been more than 20 different versions, including in 2007 the Nordic countries, in 2011 the Asia and India version, the Netherlands in 2012, in 2013 Heart of Africa and since 2015 the versions dedicated to the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Ticket for Ride Italy It will only arrive in 2019 with a double version that also allows you to play with a map of Japan. The following years are instead those dedicated to versions of individual cities such as New York in 2018, London in 2019 and Amsterdam in 2020. In addition to the physical versions, in 2011 the digital version for mobile devices was born, that of PS4 in 2018 and a skill for Alexa in 2019. ticket to travel also made an appearance in the series Big Bang Theory, in some Japanese manga or in some school textbooks.

Today, this Limited Edition celebrates 15 years of Ticket for Ride Europe and take players on a railway adventure through the great cities of turn-of-the-century Europe.

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