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Tiktok launches rest reminders |  game news

Tiktok launches rest reminders | game news

Tiktok can now track daily screen time. Now, there will soon be a new feature in the app that will draw attention to the uninterrupted consumption of short videos.

Berlin: Tiktok wants to make it easier for users to control how much time they spend on the short video portal. If the daily screen time control already available in the app is activated, regular breaks after a freely definable number of minutes can also be scheduled in the future.

As with daily excess screen time, you’ll get a reminder to take a break if you’ve been watching short videos continuously for too long.

Another innovation announced in the application is the so-called screen time panel, a statistics area that provides information on how often you open the application and how long you use it every day and at what times. You can also set a weekly reminder to check out the dashboard.

By default, 13-17 year olds should be reminded once a week to keep an eye on their digital wellbeing. If someone in this age group has used Tiktok for more than 100 minutes in a day, the next time you open the app, you will be reminded that there are screen time control features. New features will be integrated into the app in the coming weeks. dop