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TikTok users and K-pop fans say they wrecked Trump's Tulsa rally

TikTok users and K-pop lovers say they wrecked Trump’s Tulsa rally

It’s unclear precisely how substantially of an effects these social media attempts experienced, given that COVID-19 could have held quite a few at dwelling no matter. Nonetheless, Trump marketing campaign manager Brad Parscale experienced evidently approved inflated attendance figures when he boasted of in excess of 1 million ticket requests on June 15th, and the crew had well prepared an overflow part (full with an further speech) that never acquired made use of.

This isn’t the 1st time the K-pop group has made use of its collective online electrical power in the political arena. It lately flooded racist Twitter hashtags with fancams (fan footage of superstars) at the top of Black Life Matter protests, correctly drowning out hateful messages. This, however, is on a different stage. If early evidence holds correct, some of the social media world’s youngest audience might have skewed Trump’s campaign (or rendered its attendance guidance useless) without the need of leaving property.