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TikTok wants to land on Windows as an anti-Twitch

TikTok wants to land on Windows as an anti-Twitch

While everyone is chasing TikTok, which on mobile platforms has definitively established the format of short videos, then it got everywhere, TikTok itself haunts those you did not expect: Twitch. His Windows.

TikTok Live Studio In fact, it is a PC software, still in the testing phase, that allows you to transmit live broadcast from games and other applications, phones and even consoles. The login is done through the TikTok account and communication with users is done through chat.

However, please note: TikTok Live Studio is not available to everyone. The company confirmed a TechCrunch that the program is only available in certain western markets and only to a few thousand users. The idea, however, seems clear: keep TikTok creators on TikTok, even when they have to try their luck with longer videos and especially not necessarily from mobile, without therefore referring to YouTube or Twitch.

At present, however, the software is still sufficient embryonic, compared to OBS or Streamlabs, and it’s not entirely safe which will never be officially released. At the moment the idea of ​​the company is to study how the selected creators will use Live Studio, and then we will see. If by any chance any of you were among the lucky ones trying it out, let us know in the comments.

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