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Tips and tricks to get first place in all KartRider Rush + races


There are many different modes to try in KartRider Rush +, such as relaxing time trials or the more conventional 8-player speed races, relay races, object races and more. There’s also an immersive story mode, with gorgeous cartoon-style graphics.

1. Improve your racing skills in the KartRider Rush + training ground

As you begin your karting career in KartRider Rush +, you will first be taken through a mandatory tutorial mode to help you understand the basics of mobile kart racing. However, if you enter the multiplayer modes after doing the tutorial, you will likely finish last. You will still need to learn more skills, so head to training ground to improve the various skills that you will need in KartRider Rush +.

Once you have honed your skills in the training ground , try some of the license tests. After passing one of the tests, you will have obtained the license for that test and will be able to compete on new maps in Speed ​​Race mode. When you first start KartRider Rush +, try to win Speed ​​Race races and pass all license tests in order to compete at the highest level.

two. Adjust runner / pet combinations

KartRider Rush + Pet Combination Tips and Tricks

KartRider Rush + is different from other kart drivers because each one kart, driver and pet has its own characteristics that make them much better in certain situations. Before participating in a sprint race, check the kart, driver, and equipped animal combinations to make sure they are optimal for the race.

For example, if you are playing Racing Items , we recommend using something like Skelemech . If you are playing speed races , the marathon could be a better option. Make sure to use this to your advantage and take advantage of the fact that you have a lot of go-karts, bikers, and pets that you could equip.

Sometimes you will also get runners and pets temporarily, so be sure to use them before time runs out.

3. Join a club and befriend KartRider Rush +

In this KartRider Rush + guide, we will inform you about many social aspects of the game that can make the game much more fun. By tapping the social icon at the bottom of the screen, you can add friends and accept friend requests. You can also designate up to 3 people as your best friend !

Another cool feature of the social menu is the mentoring program. Once a player is at least Gold III in ranked play, they can accept apprentices and become their go-kart racing mentor. Or you can tap the Mentor Me button and become a trainee. They can help you improve your skills, while also gaining various tutoring benefits.

KartRider Rush + tips and tricks club

4. Use speed increases correctly

In any racing game like KartRider Rush +, it is always important to go fast. There are several ways to upgrade your kart, with Touch Turbo me Nitro che are the most important techniques. You can also get speed boosts from items and boost pads, but the other two options will always be available for you to use if you know when and how to use them.

Touch Turbo

To activate Tap Turbo, quickly tap the screen. By doing this, a meter will start to fill and give a little push when it is completely full. Tap Turbo only works when on the ground and is driven normally so it will not activate when in the air or drifting.


To earn Nitro, you will need to perform special moves like drifting to recharge the meter. Once the gauge is full, Nitro will replace one of the item slots and activating it will give you a huge speed boost. Nitro is best used in a straight line, as the increased speed can make cornering much more difficult.

Speed ​​increases KR R +

5. Complete your missions regularly in KartRider Rush +

There are 3 different types of missions in the game: Growth, Curve, and Daily Missions. You must complete your missions regularly in KartRider Rush +, in this guide we will tell you why.

Growth missions

Growth missions are used to level up. You are also limited to missions of your level. For example, if you are level 5, you will only have missions unlocked up to level 5 missions. Make sure to complete these missions to level up and get more rewards.

KartRider Rush + missioni

Curve missions

Curved missions are different because you don’t have to compete against other players to achieve them. Instead, you will race against the clock and have to reach the finish line within a certain time limit. Make sure to complete these missions to get various rewards.

Daily missions

Daily missions will reset once a day and are generally activities that you can only do by playing sprint races. However, you can make them easier to do by taking a look at what they are and trying to complete them. Remember you only have 24 hours to do this and earn rewards.

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