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Titanfall Surprise Launches on Steam


Titanfall launched a surprise on Steam last night and soon encountered an “almost negative” reception.

Respawn’s multiplayer shooter was launched in 2014, but six years later, it seems almost impossible to play on a PC, not because of a declining player base, but because of serious technical issues.

Customers report that matchmaking is struggling. Some people who have successfully participated in matchmaking are finding problems with the game, believing that not all DLC map packs are installed. There are also audio issues that cause very large static electricity.

The video below shows a typical experience of playing Titanfall on a PC today.

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“Respawn / EA basically sells broken Abandonware on Steam,” said one angry Steam user, Matoro Zeliph, in a review.

“Unfortunately, the audio didn’t work and the main menu was launched 9 out of 10 times I clicked play,” added Elemental, a Steam user.

“When I managed to get into the training, I was playing with static noise every time I heard a sound. I restarted the game hoping it would help, but it didn’t work.

“I really hope this is fixed by Respawn itself, or someone finds a way to fix it. If that happens, I’m 100% sure that the gameplay will continue to this day and I’ll replace it. Immediately recommended reviews. “

This problem is exacerbated because Titanfall is an online-only game. The story is told through multiplayer. Even that tutorial will play online.

Titanfall isn’t going down well on Steam.

What’s wrong? A reddit user familiar with Titanfall on a PC talked about a notorious hacker who at some point used a script to launch a player from matchmaking.

“It has been going on for years, and I just confirmed that it was still a problem.” Recompenser said capn_hector..

“Respawn just puts Abandonware on Steam and wants a few percent of players not to refund it.”

This is not a new issue either.This is Posted by redditorHiticonic -Date 1 year ago-Details of the same issue:

“Currently, the game is basically unplayable and this has been going on for months. A simple abuse on the Titanfall server and client caused this person to crash the game server, end the game early, and the game client. The player base is declining gradually, because it’s not fun to crash over and over again. Respawn fixes the game and server, or fixes these issues. If you don’t have the resources to do it, you need to enable the development console and release the server binaries. “

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Are PS5 and Xbox Series X too buggy at launch?

It’s unclear if Titanfall’s struggle on Steam is the result of the same hacker or a group of hackers. But what is clear is that the game is struggling with a rough launch. I played Titanfall on Steam this morning and I have to say it’s a broken mess. Not only does it generate a ridiculously large static burst of audio through the headset, but it can’t even participate in training. I want you to train, so I can’t start the campaign and I can’t connect. One of me who succeeded in jumping into a multiplayer game kicked me out after about 10 seconds.

It’s a shame that Titanfall was released on Steam in this state. Probably because it hinders the possibility of reviving the game’s player base. Titanfall is not currently listed in Valve’s official Top 100 games in terms of simultaneous players. Hopefully the game will be released on Steam and Respawn will organize it online so people can actually play the game.

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