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Today I learned that you can now link multiple words to a single cell in Google Sheets

Today I learned that you can now link multiple words to a single cell in Google Sheets

I’ve found Google Sheets to be a great tool for organizing your projects. With endless rows and columns, I can track things and categorize them into my content. (You should see my Byzantine spreadsheet for my family’s personal finances.)

But until recently, I ran into one major limitation that plagued the organization. When adding hyperlinks to a cell, I could only hyperlink the entire cell instead of hyperlinking individual words in the cell. For example, if you want to keep track of interesting links about your personal finances in a spreadsheet, you can use individual cells. Each of those hyperlinks, This can quickly fill far more cells than I would like.

But at the beginning of this summer, Big story, I must have unknowingly noticed something changed. Finally, you can have as many hyperlinks as you like in a cell and you can pack it. Further organization For my handmade spreadsheet. The feature was so nice and felt so natural that I immediately switched to using it as usual and didn’t think much about it.

But today another On the verge of The staff also noticed the change and shared it Verge Slack as PSA. And my editor realized that, like me, he started using it without even thinking about it. That alone is convenient.

Sure, my colleague and I may be a little late for the hyperlink party. I found a google support thread that describes the new features From May 7th And youtube tutorial Posted on the same day.. However, Google sometimes rolls out features, so this feature probably arrived to my colleagues and me a little later than May.

We thought we would share our shared discoveries of features with you On the verge of Being a leader, you can get started Hyperlink everything..