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Tom’s Hardware pone a prueba el sistema de refrigeración de Xbox Series X y PS5

Tom’s Hardware tests the cooling system of Xbox Series X and PS5

It is not uncommon to read across the broad spectrum of the internet, people in pages or comments tearing their clothes on which console is better. This, of course, or is not usually done with a critical eye, and often ends up being a discussion full of fanaticism and personal opinions.

At the end of the day, each console is designed for specific audiences, so it is not really that easy to decide a “true” winner in the world of these. What you can do is compare the hardware and its performance in various aspects, something that we are used to seeing in the Digital Foundry videos, and that today focuses on the cooling of Xbox Series X and PS5, by the hand of Tom’s Hardware.

Xbox Series X vs PS5: Which console stays cooler? Tom’s Hardware tells us

The article made by these hardware enthusiasts, emphasizes several aspects, such as that it is easier to open an Xbox Series X than a PS5, how Forza Horizon 5 consumes less energy than Gears 5 and even how although both consoles They are quite quiet, Xbox Series X takes the prize to the one that makes the least noise, with only 15.50 decibels against the 25.90 decibels of the PS5.

The temperatures, meanwhile, present us as the winner once again to Forza Horizon 5 when compared to Battlefield 2042 and Gears 5, while the comparison between consoles is a bit more complicated, since in certain aspects Xbox Series X has temperatures lower than PS5, but in others like the APU for example, the Microsoft console has a few degrees above the “competition”. Likewise, and as Tom’s Hardware highlights, at the end of the day both consoles manage to maintain acceptable temperatures without problems, without having to resort to the use of a strong air flow.

If you want to read the full article, you can do so by following is the link.

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