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Aymeric Luc, le 16 octobre dernier, contre le Racing 92

Top 14 – Aymeric Luc: “Particular to play Biarritz”

Without Biarritz, he might not have signed in Toulon, or at least maybe not this summer. We remind you, after the dam derby lost to the BOPB with Bayona, and his shot missed, Aymeric Luc joins the port. Successfully. In a difficult start to the season for the Toulonnais, he is one of those who has done good performances. AND in the victory against Biarritz this SaturdayDespite the Dantesque confictions, it was beautiful. In the foot, in the occupation game (with a 50/22 in the 26), and in defense.

“You don’t have to pay attention to that, to the context. Yes, it is always special to play against Biarritz. But it is true that when there is no context that accompanies it, that changes everything. It becomes a team like any other.”

The one that was summoned last Monday with the group of 42 players from XV of France to replace Virimi Vakatawa remembers his good week. “It went right. It was very good news. (be called). After that, it was also difficult to leave before leaving for Paris after scoring 40 points in La Rochelle. So, it is true that the results are a bit mixed. Individually, it also allows you to see something else. It was a short, short stay and I was also very happy to go back to Toulon and play this match. In this match, we needed victory. It wasn’t the funniest game of the season. We had to get out of this somewhat complicated period, so four points at home, it was important to give ourselves some fresh air and start a new dynamic. It is mission accomplished at this level. “

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“A great player”
Serge White

“For Aymeric (Luc) to continue playing as he does, he is a great player.” This is what he had said Serge Blanco in France Bleu Pays Basque on the back Bayonnais two days after the historic climbing derby won by Biarritz. The legend of the XV of France had planted praise for him. Words to find HERE.