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Top 5 Fan Game Remakes Better Than Original


Sometimes gamers crave old classic titles more than the new ones and when game studios fail to deliver, fans take over. Here are some fan remakes better than the original title.

The gaming industry is filled to the brim with insanely popular titles with millions of loyal fans. And while these games are great in many ways, sometimes the fans just expect more from the title. And when the game developers fail to provide that, some fans take the matter into their own hands!

Remakes are nothing new, game developers release remakes all the time for games that have been out in the market for years, sometimes even decades. But fan remakes are something unique and pretty unpredictable in terms of how the title would turn out. We have scoured through the internet and gathered these top 5 Fan Game Remakes that were actually better than the original game.

GoldenEye: Source

The original N64 was one of the most loved games of its time, a lot of gamers were not even born when the game was released. So the only people who would know just how awesome the title was are the ones who have experienced it firsthand. However, It’s quite doubtful that the n64 Goldeneye will return anytime soon owing to a tangle of legal issues.

Fortunately, there is still a way to play the original Nintendo 64 game with modern controllers. Goldeneye Source is a flawless recreation of the razz FPS, complete with multiplayer features, upgraded graphics, new terrain inspired by other Bond flicks and so much more. If you really want to experience the classic thrill of this Bond game, GoldenEye Source is as close to original as it gets. Modern gamers would definitely love it because of how good it looks while being true to its roots.

The Dark Mod

The thief was one of my favorite action stealth games with dark and deep visuals featuring intense combat mechanics but it’s been over a decade since the last thief game and it doesn’t seem to come out any time soon. The game has somewhat gotten lost within the tides of time to continue playing for many new gamers out there.

But thanks to Looking Glass Studios, you can enjoy the same thrill and story with The Dark Mod, a remake of the original title that expands upon the gameplay while keeping it as close to the original as possible. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you definitely should as there are many cheap game sites out there with great deals to cash in on.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Now, this is not a full remake of the game per se, but it’s very common to see old getting re-wrapped under a new skin. Metal Gear Solid HD collection has done a great job by keeping everything true to its origins while heavily improving upon the graphics quality of the game.

This collection features Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, and Metal Gear Peace Walker along with other two retro Metal Gear titles. All of the games have been heavily improved in terms of visual quality but as far as other gameplay features are concerned, the developers have tried not to mess around with perfection. This gives us a chance to play these gems in their full glory with modern skin that makes them pleasant to the eyes.

Black Mesa

Half-Life has been out and around for ages and to be honest, it has aged quite a lot with the cycle of life, so much so that it isn’t really bearable when it comes to the visual quality of the game for an average modern gamer. It appears to be a throwback to the 1990s. However, because of the guys at crowbar creative, you can now play it with improved visuals and controls that not only make the game appear beautiful but also add more to the game’s narrative.

The developers have done a great job, so good that Valve itself allowed them to sell this awesome remake of their game on online game stores like Steam, which is something that we rarely see in-game industries. Game Studios tend to protect their content to the best of their abilities and often end up with lawsuits against other companies. You can buy Black Mesa for as low as $20 on steam.


Many gamers are obsessed with Metroid games but there’s been a massive shortage of games in this classic genre. The original Metroid game featuring Samus is considered one of the Pioneers of this genre but over the years, the game has died down due to many reasons. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of it, because AM2R here is an insanely epic fan remake of the original game and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece.

This remake not only highlights the classic gameplay of Metroid but also adds a lot more content on top of that. inclduing including maps, omnidirectional shooting mechanics, and improved controls of the game. And all of it was surprisingly done by one developer, which is quite impressive, to say the least.

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