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Top New Games on Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC of the Week-October 4-10, 2020


This week’s new release episode revolves around Early Access. Baldur’s Gate III debuted as an ongoing work and Foregone has a full release. Indie spectators can also check out the I Am Dead, and sports and racing enthusiasts can delve into FIFA 21 and Ride 4, respectively. Here are some of the most popular games coming out this week.

Foregone-October 5th

Available: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

Although it may look like Dead Cells, this action game has handmade levels rather than randomly generated levels. Exploring will improve your loot and help you defeat many enemies and big bosses in the game. Foregone will leave early access this week for a full release on PC and console.

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Baldur’s Gate III-October 6

Available: PC, Stadia

Baldur’s Gate 3

20 years Baldur’s Gate 2, And Divinity: Original Sin 2 developer Larian is bringing us back to Forgotten Realms. Fans of the original game (and dungeons and dragons in general) can expect plenty of turn-based combat and conversation options for your job in the world of Illithid invaders. The third game will enter Early Access this week and the first playable action is Even bigger than the original Shin 2..

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I’m dead-October 8th

Available: PC, switch

I'm dead
I’m dead

As the name implies, I Am Dead puts you in the position of Morris, a museum curator of the deceased, who is now living in the post-mortem world in the town of Shelmerston.But the town is about to be destroyed, so Morris Look in the memories of his fellow inhabitants To solve puzzles and save the island.

FIFA 21-October 9

Available: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch


EA Play members are already Play FIFA 21 fast, But it will be released this week for the rest of us. Volta Soccer and Ultimate Team are back. This time the latter also features co-op play. Other additions to this year’s game include new ways to attack goals during an attack and more management offices.

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Ride 4–October 10

Available: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Ride 4
Ride 4

The latest in the Bike Racing series features an improved career mode that allows you to launch in the American, European or Asian leagues. As you race on different tracks around the world, you will encounter different weather conditions and day / night cycles. Ride 4 also has a new endurance mode, so you have to carefully choose the bike you want to ride for a long time.

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October is just the beginning and more video games will be introduced in the future. Next week, we’ll be looking at the long-awaited Torchlight 3 and Mario Kart Live Home Circuit. This brings a new spin to the beloved racing series.

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