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Torchlight III Celebrates Halloween with Seasonal Exclusive Rewards

Torchlight III celebrates Halloween with seasonal perks

Torch III We’re getting into the Halloween spirit with an update to Gear and Goblins that offers some spooky content and some holiday-themed rewards. Players can also look forward to new pets, new skills, and some new decorations.

The news was announced on the official Torchlight 3 website and was posted on several social media accounts.

Players can earn:

  • 8 new legendary items
  • Three new pet variations (MidnightCat, Creepy Retriever, Dragon Ring Spirit)
  • 6 terrifying new fort decorations

Players will also notice some bug fixes and skill updates in the holiday patch. See the official patch notes for more details.If you haven’t read us Torch 3 review, Now is a great time to check it out. The game is available on Xbox, PC, PS4, last week, Nintendo switch..