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Tour record in Laguna Seca

Tour record in Laguna Seca

The most powerful of the Tesla Model S “breaks” the timers on the US track at Laguna Seca.

The American EV model in Plaid version, has recently started its sporting career, with its first appearance on the famous ascent of Pikes Peak, where it marked a truly amazing time.

In recent days, the folks at Tesla were in Monterey, California, where the Laguna Seca track is located, to see how well this model is performing. And as the results show, everything went according to plan.

More specifically, the car known as “Dark Helmet”, driven by Randy Pobst, had a great time (1: 28.2), beating the record held by the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, while only 0.6 tenths later than absolute time. by McLaren Senna (1: 27.6). Of course, the Model S Plaid’s aerodynamic improvements, such as the larger front splitter and beastly rear wing, which increased downforce, also played a role in achieving this time. Responsible for the above is the company Unplugged Performance, which is one of the official model enhancers of Elon Musk’s company.

Also, there were improvements in the suspension tuning with Bilstein dampers, on the brakes with larger diameter discs, while in this case Yokohama track specification tires were installed.

However, there were also changes to the interior, where to reduce weight, the rear seats were removed, where instead there was a roll cage. The top version of the Plaid has three electric motors that deliver 1,020 hp, while the performance is similar: the 0-100 km / h is done in just 2.12 seconds, and the final speed reaches 320 km / h.

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