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Transparency in rentals - Offenburg

Transparency in rentals – Offenburg

The hire index has been updated.

(BZ). Offenburg’s rental index has been up to date and is valid from June 1, 2022 to Could 31, 2024. The up-to-date Qualifying Rent Index booklet and street map are readily available at offered for download. Also, in accordance to the town administration, the nearby comparative hire can continue to be identified promptly and simply working with an on the internet calculator.

The lease index gives an overview of the net rents paid out in the town for non-cost managed dwelling place of a comparable sort, dimension, tools, situation and spot. The so-termed regional comparative rent is decided. These are rents that have been agreed or modified in the last 4 a long time. The hire index contributes to the transparency of the rent composition and facilitates the fixing of rents.

The Offenburg experienced rental index was produced for the first time in 2020 in cooperation with a functioning team consisting of the administration and associates of tenants and landlords and authorised by the municipal council. In order to reflect the evolution of rates in the housing sector in the most up-to-date way doable, the rental index must be altered to the evolution of the sector just about every two decades. Consequently, the rental index was current in coordination with the activity power dependent on the charge of modify of the purchaser rate index. On May possibly 23, the city council identified the update as a skilled cash flow index.

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