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Trevor Bauer's Mets flirt grows with fan admiration: "passionate"

Trevor Bauer’s Mets flirt grows with fan admiration: “passionate”

Cheating continues.

Trevor Bauer emphasized talking about Possibility to participate in Mets Steve Cohen became the new owner of the team, and in a YouTube video posted Saturday, Cy Young Award winners turned to the Queens franchise again.

“It’s a great time to be a fan of Mets, man. I’m very excited about the current fan base,” said the free agent right-handed. Mets fans ranked second Among his top 5 free agency pitches. “The fan base is now very passionate, very excited and very lively. They are trying to form a super team. They are watching. [it as] It’s like “get all these free agents” and “fans have the opportunity to get them all right now”. “

Bauer is clearly aware of the desire of Mets fans to meet him at Queens. They often tag him with photos and talk about the implications of adding a pitcher like him.

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Trevor Bauer
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“They were there with Photoshop …. It was fun to watch. You got me in a T-shirt. They put the Mets shirt they sold last year in another stadium. I bought it in Photoshop, “he said.

“They made a creative pitch.” Hey, come and pitch with Jacob DeGrom. He won the Cy Young Award in a row for the same rotation, “Bauer added. “They are touting rotation as an overall strength. You got DeGrom. [Noah] Syndergaard, you [Marcus] Straumann. “

This is not the first time Bauer has spoken about Mets. In the November YouTube video, He praised Cohen’s introductory press conference And his activity on Twitter with Mets fans.

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“He’s different from New York’s main rival, the Yankees,” Bauer said at the time.

In the latest video, Bauer took another shot at the Yankees, stating that fans were his fifth aggressive recruiter, following the Queens.

“There aren’t many days when we don’t see many tweets from Bauer to Mets,” he said.

In Saturday’s video, Bauer ranked the Angels fan base at number one and the Yankees fan base at number five in free agent marketing.