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It is time for my best tips to pushing trophies without just saying get good. Now obviously guys you’re gonna get better at the game as you play it more and as you gain more practice and I’ve already given some tips in previous articles. It will help you get better at the game not to mention I’m planning on releasing more articles with more tips to help you improve your skill so don’t forget to subscribe for that.


Now I’ve been pushing each of my brawlers to 600 sometimes 700 trophies each season and I’ve done that mostly playing with random players along the way guys. I found a few tips beyond improving skill that are foolproof ways to help you guys actually win more matches basically through manipulating a few game mechanics and these tips will help anyone that watches this video game more trophies if you don’t believe me just watch and put them to the test.


Let’s go and start off with tip number one, the one that I think is going to be the biggest boost to your trophy counts and that is to play the best brawlers for every map and trophy range. Now I know what you’re thinking guys, No Hawk that’s easier said than done man sorry anytime, it’s really not you guys may already know that I’ve partnered with brawl stats to help you do just that but we’re not just talking about my recommend Brawlers for every map, we’re talking about the actual stats to show you the best brawlers for every map based off of current win rates for the game. Basically brawl stars has given brawl stats access to their API which allows them to get this data for you. You can download the app for iOS or Android or you can just go to and it will show you the best brawlers for your specific trophy counts not just nuts overall for all of them, the specific trophy counts to where you’re at if you’re newer to the game you should select below 300 trophies for more experienced players go ahead and select between 316 trophies and for competitive players with max accounts you should select above 600 trophies this is incredibly important for a few reasons first of all yes.

I do it to your list where I talk about the best brawlers for each mode and you know there’s a lot of value in understanding the entire meta as it is but a lot of the times the map is more important than the actual that you’re playing and these stats are specific to the map that is currently active second the meta changes a lot as players get better with certain crawlers one example of Shelly who is one of the best brawlers in any map and in every mode in lower trophy ranges but as you climb higher people get better at playing counters to Shelly and she goes from being one of the best brawlers to one of the worst brawlers once again very important select that correct trophy range. Lastly, some brawlers are simply much better and easier to push after you have them maxed out with their star power switching to above 600-row fees when you’re actually looking at the win rates will show you which brawlers are the best for the meta with max brawlers which can be totally different if you don’t have all the star cards for your brawlers but wait there’s more okay because here’s it like I am partner with them my goal is until sell this to you I’m just saying this is like the best thing okay if you are playing with your friends or your Club mates brawl stats also include the top comps for each map once again paced off of actual Win rates.

So you know that you are planning the best brawlers for that map. I literally do this every day whenever I play brawl stars I pull up brawl stats I look at the maps and I select the best brawlers and I can promise you that doing this will help you push trophies so much easier if I’m being completely honest, honestly it kind of feels like cheating like it’s insane that guys. Tip number two is to abuse the matchmaking a system now a while back I did a video on tips to unfit to avoid unfair matchmaking where I explain some of the finer details on how the matchmaking system works as well as how to abuse it the best now if you are looking for specifics on how everything works you can watch that video the one with the one tip that I would change is just the last one anyway if you do watch that videos so just they made tweaks to the match making algorithm just for one thing anyway you get the idea.

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TIP – 2

27 BRAWLERS - BIGGEST Trophy push! // BrawlStars - YouTube

I will briefly have some of the tips for you right here okay, first of all, consider dropping out of matchmaking if it’s taking long and expected this is especially true if you are below 500 trophies. If you’re above by 500 trophies there’s a good chance that you’ll actually get the better end of the stick or the better end of the deal for from long matchmaking not always though now the reason why it’s because it basically prevents a poor match us because the criteria start out with the most fair when you first jump into matchmaking and the more time goes on if it doesn’t find you, somebody, to play against it is within that really fair matchmaking it expands to be less and less fair the more time goes on so quitting the matchmaking and then jumping in after a while that’s a really good way to avoid that unfair matchmaking. The second tip is to try and avoid playing with players that live in different regions of the world in order to avoid a shot delay, this is where you’re playing on a server far away from your location which means that your shots will actually fire even up to half a second or an entire second after you tried to fire it which completely makes the game unplayable, it’s very frustrating.

TIP – 3

The third tip is to avoid playing late at night so that you are less likely to face against players on different servers as well this is for the same reason as the last tip but also because playing on different servers may lead to more unfair matchmaking as well.

You should never rely too much on Showdown for trophy pushing this is because you should play Showdown when you can’t find teammates to play within the team modes. It is obviously a great mode for trophy pushing a lot of brawlers, but you’ll have to face the aftermath it has on team modes like bounty where you need a lot of coordination. It won’t teach you how to coordinate and to properly play with a team in a team mode. Let’s say you pushed your Barley from 100 trophies to 300 through Showdown. This does not mean that you have enough skill level of using a 300 trophy Dynamike in a team mode such as Gem Grab. Mostly, you’ll make a lot of mistakes such as clumping with a teammate, not hitting your target often, dying frequently, auto-aiming, etc.

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TIP – 4

The fourth tip is don’t play too much of the same game mode for too long this is especially true for solo modes like showdown, otherwise, you actually run the risk of playing better and better players due to matchmaking excluding players that you play them against in the past and yeah so it’s the best for you to switch game modes or brawlers after a while especially if you start facing harder opponents.

Team chemistry is very important just like coordination. Do not keep jumping around clubs. One mistake I have seen players make is that they give up on a club and jump to the next one too quickly, assuming the club isn’t good enough. If you keep changing clubs, then you will never find a really good team nor chemistry. It takes time and patience to learn to play together. Accept the fact that you’re not going to start winning right off the bat. If you keep losing with your team, don’t give up, focus on getting better as a unit, learn from your mistakes, and see which part you are going wrong and improve.

TIP – 5

The ultimate guide to trophy pushing in Brawl Stars

Tip number five for matchmaking is to switch between brawlers when you’re pushing unless you’re consistently winning with a brawler obviously you should still play a brawler that is good for the current map but this will actually help give you the easiest matchmaking because it’s far easier for to push several brawlers up equally than it is to push one brawler super hard that’s also the best way for you to maximize star points each season as well.

TIP – 6

Tip number six for matchmaking is to play with teammates around your trophy count so that everyone on your team can handle the enemies that you face making will very frequently place you against enemies with the trophy counts closest to your highest trophy player. This means that if two of you guys are like three hunter fees but you got a teammate the 6-minute rope is you’re very likely going to face unfair matches against 600 trophy players and the two people three honor trophies are gonna really struggle it’s not gonna work out I typically actually don’t like there to be more than a 50 trophy gap between all the brawler’s being played on my team.

Never ever try to blame a teammate for going on a losing streak! This will harm your  “team chemistry” and may cause tension and stress, which may lead to even more poorer performance. So always, try to be polite when trying to point out an error. Sometimes it could be just you who’s playing bad. And getting “star player” doesn’t always mean that you’ve actually played well as it is usually awarded to the player who was most aggressive. It’s not the right indicator of who has actually made the key plays and played passively, as a game mode such as Gem Grab has a lot to do with good decision making.


Players With Most Trophies in Brawl Stars - Best Players - Gamer ...

Okay, that’s it for matchmaking tips now let’s continue on with the Tips guys. General tip number one is that randoms may actually be your best option. Now I know that there are gonna be people that will disagree with me on this but honestly up to 650 and possibly even 700 trophies I have had incredibly good success playing with randoms almost every single time I play like yeah there are things that you can do. I’ll give you some tips on how to play the best with randoms a little bit later but there’s a big reason why this is actually beneficial. Okay so when one of the recent updates Supercell mated so the randoms would be given it’s slightly easier matchmaking than organized teams, this means that if you’re playing an organized team you are more likely to face against other organized teams and you’re really gonna want to have good teamwork if you want to win obviously you’re going to use brawl stats to find out the best calm for the map.

So it’s not gonna be a problem for you but this is a general idea here but there are a couple of other reasons why randoms can be better than organized teams and sometimes typically when playing with randoms you’ll be more likely matched with teammates around your trophy level than trying to go find teammates that are wanting to play brawlers during a trophy level this makes matchmaking typically more fair also it’s a lot easier and a lot faster for you to just play with randoms than to go and find the right comp with players who are capable of playing at your level often times just taking the time to just play rather than like organizing a team will lead to more trophies. Now this type of playing will see with randoms is going to break a lot of the advice that people may have given you in a pass or some of the thoughts that you currently have about the game but guess what guys the game has changed and I think that this is actually really solid advice and of course guys let me know in the comment section if you do on a video talking about specific skill-wise tips that you can do it to actually win more matches with randoms I have picked on a lot of ways to help make up for poor randoms your team.


Misc][Goal] Reached 10,000 Trophies!! As an f2p. : Brawlstars

Tip number two is how to play with randoms when to hit play again and when not to, first of all, you should pay a lot of attention to who gets the star player when your team wins. If somebody on your team other than you gets sir player that means they likely played better than you. Okay now obviously star player isn’t always the best at picking the best player but a lot of the time it is regardless you want to play with players that are playing better than you or at least as well as you so you should almost always hit play again when somebody else gets a star player so our players a really easy way to gauge someone’s skill but beyond that, you should also be being attentive to the plays that your teammates are making in the middle of the match. I will often hit play again with teammates who make great plays in a match even if we lose because of a stupid thing right a single loss might just be a fluke especially if somebody is playing really well and that me doing that playing again with people that we’ve lost with has actually led to a lot of win streaks afterward because I gave people a chance and I recognized their skill.

Another tip is to pay attention to the types of brawlers that your teammates are playing. I typically want a well-rounded team comp and once again I check brawl stats for this if you have a solid brawler that you are playing for the map and your teammates are also playing solid brawlers for the map it’s usually a good idea for you to play with them again sometimes you can actually win very well with teammates who aren’t actually super great at the game just because they’re playing brawlers that are excellent choices for the map as such you should absolutely hit play again when you find players who are playing brawlers that are a solid choice for the map now with that said another tip I have is that if you ever see a big trophy discrepancy I actually won’t normally hit play again because I want our trophy counts to be similar as possible. I’m fine once again with a difference of about fifty trophies but anything larger than that and I’ll not hit play again unless everyone on the team seems to be pulling their own weight.

Now another thing I pay attention to is the power level of my teammates. Now brawl stars is definitely better than a lot of mobile games as far as the pay2win advantage is concerned by that I mean that you can still win with lower power level brawler’s because you have more skill than your opponents. I definitely think that skill is more important than power level but it’s still important to consider not playing again with somebody because they’re brawler is significantly under-leveled if they are not pulling their own weight if they are under-leveled and they’re still playing super well they’re getting star player they’re playing as well as you, they’re handling their team of their opponents you should definitely play with them some more but if they are under-leveled you might want to weigh that against them a little bit more. The biggest time when the power level is actually important though is between levels nine and ten and obviously that’s because star powers can be a game-changer when it comes to playing with randoms.


so i was pushing trophies today | Brawl Stars Amino

Tip three, a quick one don’t give up when you are on a losing streak. If you were on a losing streak the matchmaking algorithm will actually put you up against other players that are also on a lost streak so the more you lose the more likely you are to face somebody else that’s also having a hard time and eventually you should come out on top with the victory and then you should take a break but don’t let your loss streak and go to waste by quitting early guys get at least that one victory and end it on a high note but and then be done.


Because tip number four is to know when to quit. Now we’ve all had those times when we’re playing with our emotions more than we’re playing with our head right. We’re getting frustrated we’re getting angry we’re getting sad we’re getting frustrated if you find yourself tilted you’re more likely to keep losing so after you grab that one win after that lost streak I highly recommend taking a break. Now, this is more than just an emotional decision as well there’s an actual logical reason why this the more you play the more the matchmaking tries to avoid placing you against people you’ve already played against so the more fair matches you’ve had. The longer you play the more likely you’re going to get unfair matchmaking this isn’t a huge impact on 3v3 matches as much as it is on solo modes okay in solo modes I highly recommend switching between modes whenever you’re wanting to push for a long time and also switch between brawlers will help you as well.


Tip number five guys, believe it or not, is spin2win. No, I’m not talking about teaming and showdown I’m also not talking about giving your opponents the BM right no we have good manners we have the GM’s on this channel right both of those things ruin the game for everybody else who is playing. I’m talking about spinning to boost the morale of your teammates, there’s not a lot of ways that you can communicate with your teammates but just if you see it your teammates make an awesome play celebrate that victory with a quick little spin right it shows your teammates that you’re paying attention to them you recognize their skill and it makes them more likely to want to play better and more likely to play again with you layer on do some quick spins to celebrate your team’s victory and you can really spin like crazy if you really want to while you’re hiding in a bush so that your enemies don’t think that you’re being that people because you know then you’ll be hiding this seriously I know this sounds like a silly tip but this is a huge thing that I have done to greatly improve the amount of trophies I’m able to push with random spin to win guys also stop the spin it’s confusing just I think you get the idea.


Push trophies in brawl stars by Swagner360

Tip number six is to upgrade the ride brawler’s for their star powers. There are some brawler’s that are just much easier to push once you have their star power, Bo, Barley, Poco, Daryl, Carl, Piper, Bibi, Mortis, Crow, and Leon are all brawlers that are significantly easier to push once in there max if you are not a max player I highly recommend focusing on getting all of your brawlers to level six or level seven if you really need it to be a level seven then focus on upgrading one brawler at a time to level nine so that it’s possible to get star powers for them you focus on doing that by only buying the power points for that one brawler in the shop whenever they pop up and then saving your gold so that you can upgrade in total nine. This way you’re more likely to make pushing these brawlers easier and yourself once you get a star power for them and then the brawler’s that you can push base off of just skill you can focus on honing your skills playing them while you’re upgrading you’re the more difficult brawlers to push and those are some foolproof tips on how you can push more trophies without just becoming a better player I would love to know which tip helps you the most so please let me know in the section below.

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