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trouble for Electronic Arts and a huge disappointment for gamers


We couldn’t wait for it to come out FIFA 22, the new chapter of one of the football games most loved ever. Although the simulation is not at the level of PES 2022, this video game is to the liking, and also a lot. Unfortunately, however, I player me ventilator FIFA 22 have again had to face another big disappointment. Then i continue problems by Electronic arts that always seems to have Konami with breath on my neck. Let’s find out what happened together.

FIFA 22: an unprecedented disappointment

Anyone who loves soccer is because they have one Heart team that continues and that fascinates him. Consequently, when he also loves the gaming, one of the key things is that everything is as close as possible to the reality be able to face one match driving in the field i players most loved. And to be honest FIFA 22, in this, it turned out to be another failure.

If you are nice atalantine I find it really difficult to accept that my team is called, in FIFA 22, Bergamo Calcium, we can only imagine the reaction of those who support Naples when will you see rename of your team since the season 2022/2023, whose rights have ended exclusively in Konami.

Better, for now, for him Rome than the original name FIFA 22 he added FC and also for him Lazio that becomes latin Lazio. Usual routine regarding i Names ei faces Is the cause FIFPro, we can find them in FIFA 22 go PES 2022. This because FIFPro, without any difference, as always, has signed agreements with both SHE that with Konami.

In any case, there is always a bitter taste in the mouth. There A league in FIFA 22 is always one step behind Konami that, on the other hand, wears the best for his fans. All video game fans EA Sports They will have to console themselves with the new eFootball. For the rest, neither this year and next, different solutions are envisaged.

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