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Trump gives a two-word response in response to a kneeling NFL player before a Thanksgiving match

Trump gives a two-word response in response to a kneeling NFL player before a Thanksgiving match

President Trump Weighted to Detroit Lions And Houston Texans A player kneeling during the national anthem before a Thanksgiving football game.

Trump provided a two-word response on Twitter to a Lions quarterback photo Matthew Stafford And his Texans correspondent, Deshaun WatsonKneeling in protest of police atrocities and racism in the United States

Matthew Stafford, Deshaun Watson’s Kneeling in Anthem Before Lions-Thanksgiving Games

“It’s fine!” He wrote.

Trump was a fierce critic of the player who knelt in the middle of the national anthem and accused him of downplaying the military.However, several players say their protests have nothing to do with the military, but instead with social injustice.

Players have kneeled during the national anthem since the first week of the NFL season after a summer of racial tensions and protested after several blacks died in a police-related incident.

The NFL broadcast showed protests during the national anthem at the beginning of the season, but gradually diminished as the season continued.

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Stafford explained to reporters at the beginning of the season why he knelt during the national anthem.

“I felt it was the right thing at the right time,” he said in September. MLive.. “Obviously, it was a great off-season for many people for our team, and we had a great opportunity for growth, learning and understanding, and I felt it was right for me.”

The Texans issued a statement before the opening round. Kansas City Chiefs.. The team chose to stay in the locker room while playing the national anthem and “All Voices” (also known as the Black National Anthem). After that, they joined the Chiefs players at the “moment of unity”.

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The demonstration was part of the league’s efforts to promote the issue of social justice. The league also portrayed “end racism” in the team’s end zone.