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Turisti per Gioco will visit the city 17 of Half-Life 2 starting at 18 -

Turisti per Gioco will visit the city 17 of Half-Life 2 starting at 18 –

Tourists for fun is our new column Twitch in which we take you for a walk through the most fascinating and beloved places in video games. Today, from 6pm, Vincenzo Lettera and Giordana Moroni will let you visit City 17, the wonderful and gloomy city of Half-Life 2.

After showing us the Kamurocho of Yakuza and the fallen kingdom of Nest, Hollow Knight’s theater, now it’s the turn of one of the most iconic places in video games: City 17.

Wikipedia He said that “City 17 visually recalls a typical city ofEastern Europe– The architecture of buildings ranges from pre and post WWII neoclassicism to Soviet modernism to contemporary post-Soviet design. The environments and atmospheres are reminiscent of those described in the 1984 novel. Many abandoned and disused vehicles around the city are based on real Soviet car models, such as the Trabant and Škoda, dating from a period between 1960 and 1980; There is also a BRDM-2 light armored vehicle.

Therefore, it will be a super interesting journey, discovering a place that has helped to create the imagination of one of the most popular games. influential of our time, Half-Life 2. And vice versa.

As always, we also count on your participation: write comments in the comments and participate in the discussion in the official Telegram group, to give us the opportunity to interact live.

You can follow it transmission within this news, in the dedicated box or directly in ours channel contraction, possibly using the official app on iOS and Android.

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