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Turn your attic into a family room


Before you start with the attic layout, ask yourself what your family might need.

Depending on the project, the room can be turned into a mini cinema with a comfortable sofa, a television or a video projector, a reading and relaxation area, with comfortable seats and a bookcase with shelves full of books, a home play area with board mountains. games to (re) discover or, if space permits, with games such as table football, billiards or pinball machines.

Design your attic room

Organizing a room under the ceiling has a great advantage: it has almost no limits for ideas and possibilities.

If there are no load-bearing walls, you can maintain an open space where everyone can be together or you can simply insert new plasterboard walls to design your attic according to its function with partitions, niches, partitions, built-in cabinets or shelves.

Assess whether the existing flooring is suitable for your intended use of the room. If the tiles are too cold, the new pvc or spc floors are easy to lay, insulate from the lower floor and immediately give a feeling of warmth to the room.

Check if there are enough power sockets and if you want to make a movie theater, if there is a connection for the TV antenna. If not, listen to an electrician run the wires through the existing setup.

Find out how small renovations allow you to create an additional attic room

How much daylight do you want?

To create a pleasant and healthy living space, it must be well lit. the new roof windows They not only provide natural light throughout the day, but also a new view.

tv corner

There are many ways to style your attic with windows. You can place them on top of the roof ridge, to illuminate the entire room while keeping the space below usable. Or you can put them at the bottom, to have an outward view when reading or relaxing.

To improve lighting, it is always better to choose several small windows, even side by side or overlapping, rather than a single large window.

A pleasant family room is a bright environment in which you can move easily.

Decorate your family room

A family room is a recreational setting, where you can be together for fun. This fun should also inspire the design and decoration of this common space.

Add comfortable items like a soft rug, ottomans, and lots of pillows. The idea is to build a cozy nest where you can take refuge with your family when you feel the need.

relaxation corner

If your room will have different functions, paint a section of the wall in a bright color, to liven up the atmosphere but also to delimit the spaces: for example, a yellow corner for board games and a blue corner for reading breaks.

Lastly, think about how to keep things tidy – a nice family room is a bright environment where you can move around with ease.

Translation: It should not always be crowded. Use simple and practical furniture, such as storage boxes and shelves, that will easily house books, games and everything else they need to be together.

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