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TUTO Oculus Quest 1 | 2: how to watch 360 ° videos (even offline) with your VR headset


A virtual reality headset is possibly the best way to enjoy 360 ° videos. This allows you to be in the center of the action and to look around as naturally as turning your head while looking. In this tutorial, dedicated to Oculus Quest 1 Y Mission 2, we will see where to find 360 ° videos, which ones to focus on and how to watch them while connected to the Internet or not.

1 – Which 360 ° Videos to Choose and Where to Find Them ?

If 360 videos are immersive, let’s be frank, most of them are very poor quality. To really take your eyes off, both literally and figuratively, you need to turn to videos captured in 4K at the very least.. A twist on the 8K, 10K, or 12K side is even highly recommended, as it really changes everything. The best place to find it is Youtube and we can only invite you to connect to ropeAir Pano offering very beautiful qualitative videos or in the 360’s playlist of National Geographic what makes traveling good.

– How to play 360 ° videos in Youtube with Internet

To be able to play 360 ° videos in Youtube, you must already have a good internet connection. If the bandwidth is not high enough, you will have all the pixelated videos, even if the latter are of good quality at the base. If so, skip to the “no internet” section below, and if not, we’ll offer you three different apps, all free, for you to check out.

  • YouTube VR : simple and efficient (free)
    Please note that you must log into your account Youtube have access to all your benefits (favorites, history, Cousin…). There is a “360 ° Video” tab that highlights a diverse and varied selection.
  • Firefox reality : multi-function internet browser (free)
    This Internet browser is a true marvel in terms of possibilities and visual quality. To view 360 ° videos in VR, you must click on “Full Screen”.
  • Web navigator Oculus : a little worse (free)
    Installed as standard, it also allows 360 ° video viewing. You need to click on “Full Screen” and then choose the 3D option. To avoid this, it is much worse than the other two previous proposals.

3 – How to play 360 ° videos from Youtube without Internet :

In order to view the videos of Youtube without having a good bandwidth, not even the Internet, you have to download them first. That is why we offer youuse 4K video downloader, a small free software that allows you to do it in a simple way and above all clear of all the vicious little things imposed by the online sites that offer this service (absolutely avoidable). Videos are downloaded in 4K format (mp4) or 8K (MKV) depending on your choice of font.

  • Download and install 4K video downloader (free for 30 downloads per day).
    Just give him theUrl video Youtube you want to download, the quality of the transmission you want (in our case, 4K or 8K), to choose the format MKV (the only one that supports 8K) and save it to your PC.


Later, to read them with the Oculus Quest 1 Y two, there are two approaches: locally, copying them to the internal storage space of the headset (/Film or /Oculus / videoshots), or on a network by leaving them on your PC, a AT or on an external storage medium connected to your router. For information, since the update V23, OTG hard drive support (connected via USB Type-C in headphones) no longer works. In order to view these videos, there are currently only two supported media players available: Skybox VR Player Y Pigasus VR media player – which are paid. In both cases, you must use the parameters to be able to play the videos downloaded from Youtube, because they have a particular format that the two applications handle differently. We explain everything below.


  • Skybox VR Player (€ 14.99) (266 MB) (French) – PEGI 3
    Without a doubt, the most famous of the multimedia players of Oculus Quest 1 Y two. It can play videos locally or over a network and it accepts many encoding formats. Supports playback of standard, 3D, and 3D movies. VR.
    • Select the 360 ​​video you want to view.
    • If it starts up successfully, enjoy it!
    • If the image is distorted, press the trigger of the right controller.
    • On the menu that appears, click “Stereo Mode.”
    • Click on the ” Youtube ».
    • Enjoy the video!
  • Pigasus VR media player (€ 4.99) (228 MB) (English) – PEGI 3
    Pigasus is another universal media player that supports network media playback from media servers (UPNP/DLNA/Samba) as well as local playback from the internal storage of Mission 1 Y two. Supports playback of standard, 3D, and 3D movies. VR.
    • Select the 360 ​​video you want to view.
    • If it starts up successfully, enjoy it!
    • If the image is distorted, press the trigger of the right controller.
    • In the menu that appears, click “View options.”
    • Click on the “Envelope” option.
    • Choose the “360 EA Cube” option.
    • Enjoy the video!

4 – How to play 360 ° videos from your 360 camera:

This is exactly the same procedure as for yoTube videos, but the 360 ​​° view parameter settings will not be the same. All you have to do is click on the correct trigger, choose the correct option, that is, the one that will display your 360 ° video.

Now you know how to view your 360 ° videos with the Oculus Quest 1 Y two either with or without internet available. If you want to see specifically what this contributes, we invite you to go see Our YouTube live dedicated to this topic.

If you have not yet taken the step, you can enjoy a Oculus Quest 2 in Boulanger, the Fnac, Darty or Amazon from € 349.99.

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