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Twitch: monetize your mobile activity


You are a streamer and you want to use Twitch to stream mobile games. Here are some applications that you will need quickly.

Twitch is one of the most used software for streamers. However, while streaming games were popular for the first time on desktops and consoles, they are also becoming popular on mobile devices. Part of this is due to the different apps you can use to enhance your viewers’ experience. Therefore, we present the applications that have been most interesting to us, as well as the main reasons for this success.

Bunch: an application dedicated to multiplayer games
Many gamers prefer to play on console or computer. This is mainly because they are means that allow you to play your favorite games while easily communicating with other players. However, this is something much more difficult on mobile devices. However, to do so, you can use the Bunch application. The latter allows you to play with your friends while you can communicate with them through video chat. This part can then be streamed on Twitch Mobile. While Bunch has some games that are updated every month, you can also use different third-party games like PUBG or Call of Duty Mobile. However, it is a fairly young application and the list of supported games is likely to grow quite quickly.

Bunch is a resounding success. In fact, it is rare to have an application that allows you to play games on your mobile while enjoying a video chat. In addition, the fact of being able to enjoy exclusive games, but also the most popular commercial games, allows us to offer titles for all tastes. Finally, many people appreciate being able to use it on Twitch Video and therefore being able to share their games. The easiest solution for this is to use Streamlabs, which allows you to cast your particular smartphone screen.

Streamlabs: many parameters for your transmission
Using Twitch from your mobile is very convenient as it allows you to broadcast anytime, anywhere. However, the diffusion parameters can seem quite limited. This is what many streamers use Streamlabs. In fact, it is an application that allows you to customize your broadcast and provide you with very interesting options. The most interesting thing is undoubtedly that it allows you to easily switch between each of the objectives of your smartphone, but also to the screen of your mobile. This allows you to easily stream what you want and, in particular, your games made on mobile, but also a video you watch on Youtube or a website that you want to discover.

It also allows you to add many widgets to your screen to improve interactions with your viewers. For example, it is possible to display different types of alerts, but also a summary of all recent and future events, donation goals, or a chat window. This will allow you to improve the quality of your content and benefit from better interactivity, as your viewers will be able to be more active during your broadcast.

Tipeee Stream
One of the biggest problems for streamers is that you have to have a proven track record on the platform to expect to get paid. The application Tipeee Stream therefore it offers a good opportunity. Allow your viewers to send you donations. One of the main advantages of Tipeee Stream is that it allows you to receive 90% of the donations made, while the application receives the remaining 10%. However, to earn a lot of money through this medium, you need to have a lot of viewers.

Why so successful for mobile streaming games?
The success of streaming platforms and applications is increasingly successful. While this was popular on desktops and consoles, it is now the case on mobile devices as well. There are many reasons for this. It is mainly because our mobile devices are increasingly efficient and allow us to obtain better quality videos, whether you are a streamer or a viewer. In addition, the quality of the connections is also much better. In fact, 4G is available in a large part of the territory, while 5G is slowly arriving in France.

Also, while most platforms, including Twitch, only allow streaming from photographic lenses, there are several apps that allow you to cast your mobile device’s screen. In addition, the quality of mobile games is increasingly high and is even close to what can be found on consoles and computers. Therefore, it is easy and interesting to stream a stream of mobile game games.

Finally, although many people have a smartphone, it is a handy tool for streaming games. For streamers, it lets you stream from anywhere without the need for a major gear. This is very easy to do, and usually some simple manipulations and adjustments are needed to get your stream across. As far as viewers are concerned, it allows them to access videos from their favorite broadcasters from anywhere and at any time. Therefore, it is quite logical that Twitch, but also Facebook games or YouTube games are present in this medium.

In conclusion
As streaming games become increasingly popular on mobile devices, many streamers are using the official Twitch app. This success can be explained in particular by the increasing quality of mobile games, but also by the ever-increasing performance of smartphones and mobile connections. However, mobile streaming has certain limitations that can be circumvented with certain applications. For example, Bunch improves the conditions for multiplayer games by adding a video chat feature while StreamLabs allows you to add many options to the broadcast, in particular the ability to directly stream content from your smartphone screen. Lastly, Tipeee Stream makes it easy to donate viewers for your favorite streamers. All this allows us to offer broadcasts of much better quality and much more interactive.

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