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Twitter spaces are ready!  Clubhouse Final launches first on Android

Twitter spaces are ready! Clubhouse Final launches first on Android

Twitter It works at full power! Advertise to residents Android can now use Twitter Spaces, a voice chat room. But it’s a trial version Afterwards, the previous trial version was only available for some iOS users. This work can be called Twitter opening page with collision with Clubhouse in development of Android version Especially

Recently, a Spaces developer came out to report Android users, brace yourselves. Spaces is available for Android users to try today. Although the trial version continues to grow, Android users cannot yet create their own chat rooms, but in the short term, rest assured that we are working hard to solve the problem.

Over the last month, Twitter has put a lot of effort after releasing a trial version. As well as keeping feedback from a certain group of iOS users to develop Spaces and reveal the release of the experimental version of Spaces from time to time.

Spaces’ general service is very similar to Clubhouse, but adds a distinctive feature that there are no limitations to hear the ability to send emoji, room creators can download the audio. And show a room style like a story

Face of unofficial spaces

However, it is unclear when Twitter Spaces will be available to Android and iOS users, but a Twitter spokesperson confirmed via email to The Verge that it will soon be seen by both users. IOS and Android

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