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Two new gadgets for Rosa and Iris and Brawl Talk coming soon!


Two new gadgets for Rosa and Iris and Brawl Talk coming soon!

Here are the last two gadgets finally presented on brawl stars and they are the two new gadgets for Rosa and Iris that complete the release list of the latest Brawl Talk.

Before talking about the Brawl Talk and when it arrives, let’s dedicate a few words to the two new gadgets that arrived on Brawl Stars a few days ago. The gadgets are that of ROSA and that of Iris.

Stinging liquid – Rose Gadget

Stinging liquid is the new second gadget of Rosa, a gadget that has the usefulness of getting the enemies who are camping out of the bushes. How does stinging liquid work? You will surely be aware that Rosa is also a botanical expert, so she can dominate plants to her liking.

Once you activate the gadget, all brawlers that are hiding in the bushes take 100 damage and are slowed for 3 seconds. Yes, it doesn’t do much damage, but slowing it down for 3 seconds is very useful… or maybe not?

It is true that it slows down enemies even at a distance for 3 seconds, but what is the use if Rosa then fails to reach the enemies in those 3 seconds? It’s definitely a great gadget to use in a team of 3, especially to give shooters like Bea and Piper more chances to hit if they are on the same team.

The 100 damage points are not lethal, in fact the damage is minimal, let’s say that this gadget is mainly for tactical use and therefore to slow down enemies.

Reflect Shot – Iris Gadget

Reflect-shots is the new second gadget of Iris, a gadget in my opinion very useful in close combat. How does Flip-Shots work? As the name implies, this gadget (once activated) returns the80% of damage received by the enemy who dealt it.

The question is: will we see so many Irises working as kamikaze robots? Let’s imagine a 3v3 clash: Iris throws herself in the midst of the enemies and activates the gadget, in addition to the damage she will do before dying there are also the damage produced by the new gadget and therefore we are talking about the 80% of damage she will return to the opposing team.

With such a thing we will find ourselves an opposing team with little life and that can be eliminated by the remaining two teammates with a few hits. In short, devastating, I believe that between the two new gadgets this is the best.

When does Brawl Talk arrive?

The Brawl Talk, in my personal opinion, could arrive between Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Why these dates? Because I think all the news presented in the last Brawl Talk have been released, and I’m talking about:

  1. New brawler;
  2. New balances;
  3. Brawl Stars Championship 2021 Febbraio;
  4. Brawl Pass;
  5. All new gadgets;
  6. All star skills for Ruff;
  7. All new skins;

So now that they have presented everything, it seems almost obvious to me that the time has come to announce the new February / March Brawl Talk and I invite you to watch this video of mine to better understand what I’m talking about:

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