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Ubisoft announces a remake of the first Splinter Cell

Ubisoft announces a remake of the first Splinter Cell

Still in the early stages of its development, Splinter Cell Remake is produced by Ubisoft Toronto with the Snowdrop engine, which they already trust Avatar: Pandora’s Borders as well as the game Star Wars in the open world of Massive. Speaking of the open world, it’s not about distorting Sam Fisher’s adventure by changing the structure. Therefore, the linearity of the game will be preserved, even if we can imagine that it will be visually unrecognizable given the generations that will separate this remake from the original game.

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Unable to show the game, Creative Director Chris Auty, Producer Matt West, and Technical Producer Peter Handrinos have commented this announcement by explaining wanting to keep the spirit of the 2002 game, which will not prevent modifying certain elements of design to surprise the regulars. Meanwhile, Ubisoft Toronto (whose first game was true Splinter Cell blacklist) investigate New recruits to join veterans already in place, only to form a mix that will do the infiltration game justice.

With this new version, we are building a solid foundation for the future of Splinter Cell.Chris Auty joins in to motivate fans. This remake is also the second Splinter Cell in the works with the virtual reality game that Red Storm Entertainment is making for Oculus.

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