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Ubuntu 23.04 (“Lunar Lobster”): The new Google Flutter-based installer in detail


Ubuntu 23.04 (“Lunar Lobster”) will be released on April 20, 2023 and will use the new graphical installation routine based on the open source UI Development Kit for the first time. flutters of Google. Moving away from the free GUI toolkit gtk It doesn’t make all users happy by any means, but it does make the desktop installer more modern.

You can now try the Flutter installer

After loading the appropriate development tools, such as the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Y GNU Binutils just like him GNU C librarythe first test week (“Ubuntu Testing Week”) was scheduled for December 10, which was based on the daily build images of the daily canary It was held. The installation routine, the new desktop installer, was also in the spotlight.

  • Ubuntu 23.04 will be released on April 20, 2023
  • Release candidate will appear on April 13, 2023
  • The open beta will launch on March 27, 2023
  • More information is provided by the road map

The website of Linux author Marius Nestor 9to5Linux took a detailed look at the new Flutter GUI, which will be delivered as standard with the release of Ubuntu 23.04, and provided feedback accordingly.

The new Ubuntu 23.04 desktop installer (“Luna Lobster”) (Image: 9to5Linux)

Specifically, the new installer aims to provide a modern implementation of the Ubuntu installer for the desktop operating system, using the Ubuntu server installer (“Subiquity”) as the backend and Flutter as the GUI toolset.

The new Ubuntu 23.04 desktop installer (“Luna Lobster”) (Image: 9to5Linux)

Aside from the improved and more modern user interface in direct comparison to the GTK 4 version, the new installer doesn’t differ significantly from the previous installation routine, but the later changes are noticeable.

  • During installation, the system may already be connected to a network via Wi-Fi
  • Already during installation, users can choose between a dark and a light theme.
  • There is currently no support for integrating the Microsoft directory service Active Directory provided during installation
  • The “Full Install” installation step now also offers the option to reboot the computer system

By the time Ubuntu 23.04 (“Lunar Lobster”) is released, British system and Linux distributor Canonical wants to incorporate more improvements.

Linux 6.2 and Gnome 44 expected

The so-called feature freeze for the 38th edition of the free operating system should take place on February 23, 2023, before the beta version begins at the end of March.

Even if Canonical and the Ubuntu community have yet to comment on the main components of the new Linux distribution, it can be assumed that Ubuntu 23.04 will be based on Linux 6.2 and Gnome 44.

Many new tools are being introduced

Other components are expected to be GNU Compiler Collection 13 as the system compiler, LLVM in the new version 16, Python 3.11 as standard, GNU Binutils 2.40, GNU C Library 2.37, OpenLDAP 2.6, Go 1.20, and PolicyKit 122.

Roadmap: Ubuntu 23.04 (“Moon Lobster”)

Support until January 2024

After release, Ubuntu 23.04 will be supported as an “interim release” until January 2024 with software and security updates, replacing Ubuntu 22.10 (“Kinetic Kudu”).

Users who value long-term support prefer to use Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (“Jammy Jellyfish”), which Canonical will maintain with updates and product support until April 2027.

The editors would like to thank the community for the information that led to this report.

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