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UK retailer cancels all Super Mario 3D All-Star pre-orders and blames Nintendo's "ridiculously short" assignment •

UK retailer cancels all Super Mario 3D All-Star pre-orders and blames Nintendo’s “ridiculously short” assignment • TECH GAMING REPORT

A British retailer has canceled all Super Mario 3D All-Star pre-orders and Nintendo has accused it of “ridiculously short” quotas.

Yesterday, sent an email notifying customers who pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch, which is popular among gamers at a lower price than Amazon and GAME, about cancellation.

First reported email Reset Era user Geobros Verified by Eurogamer, Nintendo has some choice words

“We’ve announced the Super Mario 3D All-Star (Nintendo Switch) assignment. This is a very short one. This is very disappointing and we have to let you know that we can’t satisfy you. I am very sorry. [sic] Please order on the day of release.

“In addition, as a distributor of Nintendo and its UK [sic] We cannot guarantee that more inventory will be available after release. I made a disappointing decision to cancel all orders. “

This content is hosted on an external platform and will only be displayed if you accept targeting cookies. Please be able to display cookies. has canceled all pre-orders and appears to have pulled the game from its website a week before its release, but Super Mario 3D All-Stars can still be pre-ordered on Amazon and GAME. However, it is marked as sold out in ShopTo.

One of the affected customers who pre-purchased Super Mario 3D All-Star from for £ 44.85 told Eurogamer that he was forced to pre-order it on Amazon for £ 49.99. Nintendo games are usually a bit cheaper so I order them. ” “Given how scarce the game is, I thought it would be better to pay extra than not get a copy.”

Nintendo has been criticized for creating artificial rarity after announcing that Super Mario 3D All-Star will be available both physically and digitally as a limited edition until March 2021. Limited to Switch, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy (sorry, Mario Galaxy 2). The game hasn’t been completely remastered, but it’s just optimized for new consoles with higher resolutions, new screen ratios, and added Joy-Con support.

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