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Unfortunately, something went wrong … The thief forgot his mobile phone in the stolen house, Aurangabad police arrested the suspect. In Aurangabad, a thief forgot his mobile phone in a robbed house, the police arrested two suspects

In Aurangabad, a burglar broke into a house and left his mobile phone there.

Aurangabad: The thieves are very smart, they do not leave any valuables in the house (Aurangabad police) and they do not leave any proof of identity. Only In Aurangabad (City crime) The thief made a big mistake in the robbery that took place yesterday. He forgot his own mobile phone in the house where the thief broke the lock and stole millions of rupees. The robber of Aurangabad is currently being discussed in the city.

An unidentified motive was seen in the house.

The thieves broke into five or six houses in the Begumpura police station area of ​​the city around midnight Sunday. The thief broke the lock on one of the houses and kept his mobile in the house and while robbing, he accidentally took the other mobile with him. Upon learning of the robbery, a team from the Crime Division together with the Begumpura Police rushed to the scene. At that moment, the police noticed that there was a cell phone in the new house. Police arrested two suspects.

Discuss the failure of the police and the stupidity of the thieves.

In Aurangabad, thieves broke into the homes of citizens who had gone out for Diwali. On the occasion of Diwali, the police launched a campaign called ‘Aapla Shejari, Khara Paharekari’. He also promised to increase police patrols at night, but the special police operation in the city failed miserably. There have been 17 robberies in the city in the last week alone. In the town of Wankhede on the N-3, they blew up 5 houses in one night. As a result, there is talk in the city that the police have left city security in the lurch. At the same time, since the thief forgot his own mobile phone in the stolen house, the discussion about this thief’s nonsense has started in the city.

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