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Unnecessary iPhone Settings You Should Disable


iOS 15 is packed with features, many of which we don’t even use in everyday life. Save battery and protect your privacy by turning off unnecessary iPhone features.

Many features of iOS 15 are very useful, but particularly good

hidden in the depths of system settings
. Other features, on the other hand, are enabled by default but are of no use to you because you don’t actually use them. Save battery power and protect your privacy by turning off the following five iPhone features.

Disable keyboard tips

If you’re typing a message on Whatsapp or typing an email on your iPhone, you’ve probably noticed the word suggestions displayed above the keyboard. Definitely useful for slow typists from time to time, but for fast fingers, word suggestions usually come too late, or don’t show up on time. If, like me, you don’t use this feature, you can also simply disable it, one less task the iPhone has to provide computing power for.

To do this, go to settings and slide the slider

General > Keyboard > Tips

On the left.

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Automatically close Safari tabs

On the iPhone, a couple dozen open tabs can quickly add up and make Safari slow. If you are someone who, like me, tends to forget to close the corresponding tab after using it, you can have this done automatically in the settings. Your iPhone will automatically close “Lately Not Viewed Tabs” after a day, a week, or a month.

To do this, go to settings and select

Safari > Close Tabs

and then the interval you want.

App Reviews – No More Annoying Queries

Have you downloaded an app and the app developers keep asking for a rating in the app store? That can be annoying. If you slide the corresponding slider to the left in the system settings, you can prevent the app from asking you for feedback.

come in for that

Settings > App Store > App Ratings.

Disable automatic app downloads and updates

Apple offers automatic app downloads and updates. The former means that an app you download on your iPhone, for example, automatically loads on your iPad as well. This feature isn’t always practical, and neither are automatic app updates. However, luckily you can disable both:

Go to the

Settings > App Store

and slide the slider to the left under “Apps” and “App updates”.

Disable keystrokes

For many users, keystrokes are quite an annoying feature. If the iPhone is on silent, you won’t hear the tones anyway, but you may not want to disturb other people every time you type a message. Fortunately, you can turn off keystroke sounds in system settings:

Go to the

Settings > Sounds and haptics > Keystrokes

. In the same place you can also turn off the sound when locking.

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