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unveiled the new trailer and many details ~ Pokémon Millennium

unveiled the new trailer and many details ~ Pokémon Millennium

The amazing new trailer for Pokémon Unite has revealed the release date of the highly anticipated MOBA pocket monsters and tons of previously unreleased images and information. Pokémon UNITE Sara free to start and optional in-game purchases will be available.

In a video posted on the Pokémon Japanese YouTube Channel A trailer has also been released that takes a closer look at the gameplay of this new title. The Japanese will also be the first to be able to play the game thanks to beta open to the Japanese public available from June 24 to 26.

This title will support game mode multi platform between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices, allowing you to fight against or alongside players using any of the platforms. Additionally, players will be able to use their Pokémon Trainer Club account or their Nintendo Account on both Nintendo Switch and mobile devices to easily sync game progress.

welcome to Aeos Island (Island of Heos)!

Pokémon UNITE is set to Aeos Island, a legendary island that seems to be on the unexplored edge of the ocean. Above Aeos Island, players will find the Unite Battle Committee (Associazione Lotta Unite), also called UBC (ALU), which organizes several tournaments of Join battle (United Struggles). About him Join battlePlayers form teams of five Pokémon each and fight to get the most points before time runs out. On the island, players will come into contact with a new form of energy, called Aeos energy (Heos energy). This energy can be harnessed in the Join battle to evolve Pokémon.

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The Join battle features tons of die-hard fans from around the world and Trainers from around the world who are eager to get into the action. Players will take on the role of budding coaches who have come to Aeos (Heos) to participate in these exciting fights.

  • Rules Join battle. About him Join battleTrainers compete in 5v5 team battles alongside their Pokémon. The team with the most points at the end of time wins. To earn points for their team, players must earn Aeos energy defeat wild Pokémon and opposing Pokémon. After that, they have to release the accumulated energy in one of the finish zone (goal areas) opponents. The Join battle They are played in several stages, each of which has different rules. The parameters that can vary are the number of players per team, the duration of the game and even the Legendary Pokémon they find.
  • Union make force. Win in Join battle collaborating with your teammates is essential. When you are facing a team of experienced players or are at a disadvantage, it is possible to change the course of the game simply by working as a team. Participating in the ranked game (competitive fights), players get gods yield point (activity points) and therefore can be increased or decreased in rank based on the result. Players will start fighting from the level. Beginner Cup (beginner) and then try to reach the level Master Cup (teacher) as you progress through the game. Additionally, players with a rank will be included in a global rank leaderboard visible to players around the world.
  • Level up. At the beginning of each Join battle, Pokémon that participate in the battle will return to level 1 through the power ofAeos energy. However, they will win over the course of the game. Exp. Points (Experience points) and level up. In this way, Pokémon will learn powerful moves and evolve. Once a Pokémon has reached the highest levels, it will learn its Unite Move (Unite move), a very powerful move that can only be learned and used during Join battle. The Unite Move you can change the course of the game!
Pokémon Unite ranking
  • Fight in style. On Pokémon UNITE, players can change the appearance of their Pokémon and its character. There is nothing better than attending Join battle With an extra touch of style! You can customize the look of Pokémon with cool outfits using Holowear, a special technology that exploits theAeos energy. Additionally, players can customize their character’s appearance, clothing, and accessories to always look their best in battle and beyond. They can also update their profile with a Join snapshot (United photo) which includes the Trainer’s avatar and his Pokémon. The photo can be personalized by changing the expression or pose of the character or even adding stickers. Before the game, players can see their respective Join snapshot.
  • The choice of Pokémon. On Pokémon UNITE There are many different Pokémon, including Charizard, Pikachu, and Greninja. Even if in the Join battle Strengths and weaknesses related to the type do not exist, each Pokémon has specific statistics and roles that reflect its play style: Aggressor (Striker), Defender (Defender), Sprinter (Sprinter), Follower (Support), or All terrain (Versatile). To choose the Pokémon that best suits your style, it is advisable to practice with different Pokémon. To deploy certain Pokémon in the Join battle, you have to have his Join license (United license). You can get the Join license desired in the Join the Battle Committee in exchange of Aeos Coin (Heos Coins), which can be obtained through Join battle.
  • Even more fun with him battle pass (fight pass). The battle pass gives the possibility of obtaining various rewards within the game. To get the rewards, you need to complete missions to level up the pass. Additionally, players can turn on the battle pass using the Aeos gem (Heos Gems), so you can get even more rewards.
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