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Updates available for Nokia 2.2, Nokia 2.4, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 6 (2017), Nokia 8

Updates available for Nokia 2.2, Nokia 2.4, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 6 (2017), Nokia 8

Nokia mobile has released many updates for some smartphones. Some updates are new Android builds like Nokia 2.2 and Nokia 2.4, while others are standard security patches.

Let’s start with the Android build updates recently introduced in Nokia 2.2 and Nokia 2.4. The Nokia 2.2 update is 191MB.

The V2.400 build will bring standard system stability improvements, UI enhancements, and security patches in September. Updates should be available globally, so make sure they are there. Also, check if there are any security patches available as well as Nokia 2.4 that received the new Android build update. The 2.4V1.080 update is 127MB in size and includes UI enhancements, system stability improvements, and a September security patch. However, shortly after installing the new build, the October security patch popped up with a patch of 26.69MB.

Next, let’s move on to all security patches. Nokia 3.1 has received an October security patch worth 59.72 megabytes. The update should be widely available, but check to see if it’s listed in 3.1.

After Nokia 3 got the update earlier this month, Nokia 6 is ready to receive the last one, if not the last quarterly security patch. The update is 400MB in size and has provided a security path for the past few months. Check the trusted 6. This could be your last chance to experience a reliable 6 update process.

Nokia 8 has also received an October security patch with an 85.74 MB software patch. Please check 8 to let us know if you got the update.

Updated dedicated Update tracker Please use this page to check if updates are available on your device and let us know about security patches.

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