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Upset Nvidia users: Windows 11 22H2 causes gaming issues

Upset Nvidia users: Windows 11 22H2 causes gaming issues

during that Windows 11 2022 Update (22H2) brings long-awaited features for many users, Nvidia graphics card owners seem less happy. The patch is said to cause gameplay issues. Among other things, there is stuttering, lag and FPS drops.

Are AMD Ryzen users just getting used to it? serious stuttering problems recovered in connection with Windows 11, the new 22H2 update for Nvidia graphics cards seems to become the final boss. a Reddit and in the microsoftcommunity Reports of drastically reduced FPS numbers in games and a simultaneous throttling of processor performance, be it Intel or AMD, are piling up. so far only Nvidia GPUs and Windows 11 2022 Update can be identified as a common denominator.

How is the problem expressed?

Most of the players report about it (via bleeding computer) that CPU utilization after upgrading to Windows 11 22H2 should only be up to five percent instead of the usual 50 or 60 percent. Over the course of this, the FPS should drop from over 120 FPS to the critical area below 30 FPS. There are also reports of stuttering issues related to Nvidia G-Sync and Super Resolution and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) settings.

What helps against the game bug?

According to user reports, the only way to fix the issue is to roll back to the latest version 21H2 of Windows 11 available. Neither Microsoft So far, Nvidia has not made an official statement, and the graphics card manufacturer is collecting feedback via Reddit to narrow down the bug. You can find out how to uninstall and block updates on our Windows 11 Guide.

The only good news: so far the problem seems to be limited to gaming and users with Nvidia graphics cards (eg GeForce GTX 1080, RTX 3070 Ti, RTX 3080 and co). After the Windows 11 2022 update (for the time being) there should be no restrictions on classic office and multimedia use.

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