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Un sénateur américain pris en flagrant délit de conduite lors... d'une réunion Zoom (VIDEO)

US Senator Caught Driving During … Zoom Meeting (VIDEO)

With the coronavirus crisis, telecommuting and video conferencing have become the norm for many. New habits that have led to their share of “blunders” and “setbacks”: unexpected interruption by a third party, nudity that suddenly appears on camera, … we thought we had seen it all, but an American senator proves that we have not.

This week, Republican Andrew Brenner, attended a meeting of the Council of State at the wheel of his car and thought that he would go unnoticed thanks to a background that recreated his desk around his figure, but his seat belt did not fool his colleagues, they report. New York Times. In addition, the newspaper explains that the elect joined the meeting while he was in his stopped car, it was only after leaving the videoconference for a few moments that he reappeared in his “virtual office.” In addition to the belt, it is his looks from right to left that have betrayed him, at one point his car window appears even briefly.

However, his conduct did not prevent him from responding to the questions that his colleagues asked him live, contacted by the New York newspaper, the interested party thus defends ”. not having been distracted“and to have” paid attention to both their behavior and discussions“. He also justified his actions by saying that he had two consecutive meetings in different places and assured:” In fact, I had other calls while driving, including video calls. I don’t pay attention to the video, for me it’s like a simple call. ”

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The last straw: This incident occurs when a distracted driving bill has just been introduced in the Ohio State House of Representatives, which aims to use an electronic device to steal a major crime.