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Use 'FPS Boost' to improve old games on your Xbox Series X / S

Use ‘FPS Boost’ to improve old games on your Xbox Series X / S

Backward compatibility is one of the best features of Xbox Series X | S. Not only can you play almost any game from any previous Xbox console on the new system, but many also received visual enhancements that make them look better and perform better than ever.

One of these graphical improvements comes in the form of a new “FPS Boost” mode. Microsoft said the setting “uses new methods to almost double (and in some cases double) the original frame rate of some titles.” The higher frame rate provides a visual aspect to the game. smoother and can help feel the game more responsive.

FPS Boost To Be Released As Part Of The Next Xbox Series X Dashboard Update | Yes this spring. However, the feature will be added for play-by-play via additional software patches. The top five games that support FPS Boost are:

  • Far cry 4
  • Super new luck story
  • Sniper 4
  • UFC 4
  • Guard dogs 2.

Microsoft says more games will be supported FPS Boost mode in the coming months. Since Microsoft engineers manage patches, not games original development team, hopefully more games will added to regular clips. The company prioritizes titles based on their popularity and availability. and many will be available through Xbox Game Pass.

Once available, you can activate FPS Boost from the game and app screens. Highlight the games in your library, then press the Option button to manage the software. Choose “Compatibility menu” and light “FPS increased”, if available. Other compatibility improvements like Auto-HDR will also move to this menu. You can check if FPS Boost is enabled for in game by pressing the Xbox button to open the overlay.

The frame rate increase in FPS Boost mode varies between games and consoles. As an example, UFC 4 runs at 60fps serially with FPS Boost enabled, while the New Super Lucky Tale runs at 120fps on the S and X series. This is the only specific example provided by Microsoft in their advertisement.

Of course, you will also need a television or monitor that can display a higher frame rate. 120Hz viewing is not uncommon, but many TVs still limit it to 90 or 60Hz. However, as long as the game’s native frame rate is gone down than yours TV, FPS Boost should make games run better even if you can’t see the full effect.

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