Vainglory Coming To PC – Says The Developer Super Evil Megacorp

Before delving into the arrival of popular MOBA title on Desktop, let’s have a look at the game’s recent financials. A few days ago, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, Vainglory is reported to have made $50 Million in gross revenue at iOs and Android stores. Out of $50 Million, US was found to be the greatest consumer of Vainglory, with 32% of users and $16 million in revenue from US alone. On the other hand, iOs store outplayed the Andorid’s Playstore with higher revenue and earning potential.

Coming to the recent development in Vainglory, the creator of Vainglory, Super Evil megacorp has recently announced that the popular MOBA title is finally coming to PC and Mac, whose MOBA department is still ruled by the organizations such as Riot Games and Valve. Dota 2 of Valve and League of Legends of Riot Games will be the toughest competitors of Vainglory in its PC and Mac extension.

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The developer added, the organization always desired Vainglory to deliver the comprehensive MOBA game experience because of which in the initial days it did not go after Valve and Riot games to compete the popular Dota 2 and League of legends, but instead acted keenly and launched the game on the less crowded platform, the mobile, where it also got the chance to boast Apple’s A8 Chip.

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Today, as the game has gripped the mobile market, and the demand for its availability on desktop has been dramatically increasing, the developer as a result acted upon and likewise revealed the game’s PC and Mac extension.

Unfortunately, at the initial stage of its desktop extension, the game won’t be in its proper condition, and you may face several UI related issues, Key binding abnormality, or Alpha Build defectiveness, but the organization has promised the game’s strategic profoundness and graphical representation won’t have any defects. The other imperfections will also be eradicated gradually. Moving on, Super Evil Megacorp has been working vigorously to setup the pace of Vainglory, and ultimately it now seems to have reached its goal.

Besides, the developer says Vainglory’s custom game engine — the result of over 10 years of blood, sweat and tears — is helping with the cross-platform transition.”

At the last, if you want to test the Windows and Mac version of Vainglory, you can follow the respective links.

Don’t forget to let us know how you find the game’s desktop extension.