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VALORANT eSports: Proven Tips to Improve Your Gaming Skills


Dreaming of becoming a Valorant eSports player or just wanting to fight even better? Then check out these proven tips to improve your gaming skills. The heroes in Valorant have a whole set of skills and weapons that help them defeat their opponents. Ultimately, however, the point of the game and your goal is to complete most missions in the team-based tactical shooter from Riot Games. Unlike traditional sports, training in eSports has less impact on your physical condition, and therefore its duration can vary depending on the player’s desire. On professional teams, players train for 10, 12, and even 14 hours a day, and for them, this is the norm.

The optimal amount of time that the best Valorant players need to maintain his game at a high level is a minimum of 10 hours a day, including one or two days off per week. 10 hours is the standard for pro-levels or those who want to reach it.” It is worth noting that there are talented players who need half as much time, but the vast majority of those who win major tournaments practice at least 10-12 hours.

Proven Tips to Improve Your Gaming Skills

  • Voice Chat. Beginners make a huge mistake by not communicating with their allies. You can use voice chat not only to insult nerfs but also to build trust within your team. Encourage your heroes, coordinate your movements and strategize together and you’ll be victorious in no time. Valorant also features a visual cue system. Combined with lively communication, they can be a formidable weapon against enemy agents.
  • Party. Playing alone, many players find it difficult. Try to gather a group of friends to climb to the top of the ranking mode together. This will help better coordinate the course of combat since you don’t have to re-build dialogue between allies. Everyone plays a specific role and knows each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Partner will always have a shoulder to lean on, help with weapons and cover from the enemy’s fire. In addition, playing with buddies is more fun. The game brings more positive emotions, you will always be supported on the “minus morale”.
  • Exact timing of the attack. You need to feel the line between when to go to attack your opponents, and when to hide from the enemy’s eyes and hold your position. Analyze your opponents’ style of play and adapt to the situation. The key to winning is variability and surprise. However, this always takes time, and you must be patient and determined. Learning weapons is very important to help you increase your level of valor, as you will have no trouble using any weapon during the game.

It is very important to understand that you don’t have to play all day long in hopes of getting your coveted top spot. Professionals only devote a couple of hours a day to ranked battles. Prolonged battles greatly affect the physical and mental state of the user, and significantly reduce concentration. The rating suffers from this. Progress can stand up or turn 180 degrees at all. Determine a small number of competitive games for yourself, and after them, fight for your pleasure, test new strategies, communicate with people.

No one can play at the same high level for months. Everyone has periods of a slump, even the pro players. There are all kinds of reasons for that, and they need to be worked on. It is important to understand what the problem is. Sometimes it’s in the individual game: in shooting, movement, decision making, or agent wagering. And sometimes the macro game suffers. It’s very important to understand what exactly is wrong with you. For example, right now, due to force majeure, we had to take a long rest, and we have a slump in our level of play. After a break, your reaction time, level of shooting, quickness, and correct decision-making decrease. It is very important to understand exactly what the problem is and fix it purposefully.


You need to work on teamwork and each player’s objectives. All of this should be talked through and discussed. The team needs to have a common game plan. Players should overlay their understanding of the game with what is required of them. Someone is more focused on a strategic approach. A team always has some kind of general plan that the coach or captain sets, and the players already put meat on those bones – their ideas and plans.

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