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“Vegas Loop” … Elon Musk to build a 29-mile tunnel for Tesla cars (video)


American businessman and billionaire Elon Musk

The founder of SpaceX and Tesla, the American businessman and billionaire Elon Musk, has obtained a license to build a 46.6 km tunnel under Las Vegas.

According toBritish newspaper “Daily Mail” This will allow up to 57,000 passengers to ride Tesla cars to and from the casinos every hour, as well as the city’s airport and the Raiders football stadium.

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Elon Musk promises to open the first high-speed tunnel in 2020 (video)

According to the British newspaper, SpaceX’s Boring will run a smaller version of the Vegas Loop system below the Las Vegas Convention Center, which opened earlier this year.

He noted that instead of cars pushing people from one place to another at high speeds, the idea features regular Tesla vehicles driven by people racing through a tunnel at just 35 mph.

However, Las Vegas officials have approved a massive city-wide tunnel expansion proposed by Boring in December 2020.

The tunnel will have 51 stations along a 29-mile network, each of which will need separate permits to be approved before it can be developed, and Boring will have to obtain a separate concession agreement approved by the City of Las Vegas. before construction can begin. .

The system will be built in phases, with five to 10 stations opening within the first six months of construction, said Steve Davis, Boring president, adding that 15-20 stations would then be added each year until completion.

Elon Musk’s company expects a five-mile drive from the airport to the convention center to take about 5 minutes and cost $ 10, while the 3.6-mile drive from downtown to Raiders Stadium will take about 4 minutes and cost $ 6.

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And the “Daily Mail” stated that, unlike the subway, the “Vegas Loop” will be a “point-to-point” system and passengers will not have to stop at all stations along the way, as they can be picked up and taken away. . straight to where they want to go without having to stop.

Source: British newspaper “Daily Mail”